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16 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For


Do you ever wonder what the point is behind certain things, or why they even exist? If you’re like me, you probably just throw these kinds of things away, or disregard them all together.

Well, throw away and ignore no more. Lots of little things in life actually have some pretty useful tricks behind them that can significantly help us live much easier lives. Anything in life that saves time or makes a common, everyday task easier is good in my books.

Here are 16 things you didn’t know the use for.

1. Have you ever noticed a little hole in the middle of your spaghetti strainer spoon? This hole actually fits the size of exactly one serving of spaghetti so that when you’re making your spaghetti you can accurately measure it.

2. The extra piece of fabric that comes with your clothes isn’t to use as a patch, as most people think, but it’s actually there to use as a tester in the laundry machine to see how the fabric reacts to different detergents or bleaches.

3. The little hole at the bottom of a padlock key is there to help oil the lock if it becomes rusty. It also works as a drain to drain out any liquids that may go into the lock.

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4. Have you ever wondered what the little pom pom on the tops of hats are for? Well, today they are used mainly for decoration, but back in the 18th century, French marines used to wear them for protection against the low ceilings of ship cabins. They were also used in uniforms for soldiers to help distinguish the branch of military a soldier was in.

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