28 Baby Names You’ve Never Heard Of But Are Going To Want To Use


Have you ever been at a school or at work and shared the same name as someone else? It always results in confusion, mistakes, and sometimes you even have to go by your last name or add an initial so people can tell who’s who.

However this is becoming less of a problem as parents are getting more and more creative with the names that they choose to give to their offspring.

Some names are unique and new whereas others are older names that are being revisited. With endless possibilities for names, there’s no reason to keep using popular names such as Emily or Liam.

In 2016, the most popular girl’s name was Sophia and for boys it was Jackson. Both are also pretty popular names. With celebrities such as Beyoncé naming her daughter Blue Ivy and Kim Kardashian with her daughter North West, perhaps there will be some more creativity in the future. Here is a list of 28 unique baby names that you’re definitely going to want to use.

1. Adley: Starting in the A’s, this Hebrew name can be for either a baby boy or a baby girl and it means ‘Judicious’.

2. Arnelle: Typically a girl’s name, this name differs according to language. Originating in France, this name holds the meaning ‘bear prince’ in the French language.

3. Bexley: This name comes from the Old English terms for box trees and woodland clearings. It could make a cute name for a boy or a girl.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.21.42 PMRachel-Lee Thomas

4. Bohdi: In Sanskrit, this name means ‘Awakened’ or ‘Enlightened’ and is connected to the Buddhist state of nirvana. The Bodhi tree is the large fig tree that the founder of Buddhism sat under to reach enlightenment.

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