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Cruise Ship, Costa Concordia Was Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean, The Story Behind It Is Haunting


We’ve all heard of the famous cruise ship ‘Titanic,’ but have you heard of the Costa Concordia? Just like the Titanic, this ship went down. The disastrous event happened on:

  • January 13th, 2012
  • And resulted with the loss of 32 people.

The ship crashed off the holiday island Giglio after it sailed too close to the shore.

The ship used to be a gleaming white luxury liner and now it’s absolute wreck.

 After the crash, this ship got completely destroyed. 


Take a look at the inside of the ship in this picture. This area appears to be some sort of theatre and now it looks, well, like this. The whole room is a mess and the speakers look like they no longer function properly. This would cost a fortune to clean up!


The murals on the walls are the only things that appear to look vibrant to this dull mezzanine. Broken chairs are seen scattered all over the floor and there is water damage everywhere. 


As you can see in this picture, when the vessel crashed, it flooded the engine room before anything else. At the time of the event, the captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, ordered an evacuation after an hour of drifting.


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