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This Regular Tool Shed Was Renovated Into A Glamorous Movie Theatre

What is the one thing that most people would love to have in their home? A personal theatre, of course! Well, after watching this gallery we’ve realized that having a cinema in your own backyard is far more attainable than you might think.

1Torii Cinema Co.

This first started looking like a standard backyard shed. In fact, if anyone were to come across it, they’d probably think you were storing garden tools in there. Little would they know that it’s actually your own oasis.

This is what it looks from the inside! Just look at the big screen. There’s even reclining seats and the movie posters are a nice touch.

One of the coolest part though is the ceiling. It reflects the stars when you dim the lights, making it seem as if you’re enjoying a movie underneath the night sky. Can you think of anything more romantic that this?!

2Torii Cinema Co.

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