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A Spider Is Killed Using Bug Spray, Suddenly A Worm Comes Out Of The Spider

While Spiderman can be pretty awesome, spiders in general are terrifying! When this guy from Australia was in the middle of editing a video, he noticed a little 8 legged friend come out of nowhere. Naturally he used a bug spray to try and kill it. Little did he know that was the worst thing he could’ve done.


This video starts out with a huge black spider covered in spray. However, it’s the strange worm-like creature next to it what makes this video so grotesque. What is that thing?!

All of a sudden the worm begins to unravel and move around like crazy. Poor guy. He just wanted to eliminate the spider and instead ended up unleashing this awful beast. Again, what is that thing?!

After uploading the video, he wrote this as a description: ‘Ok so I was just editing my latest montage and this huge spider came out, so I sprayed it and killed it, then this freakin alien worm came out of it!


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