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10 Beauty Habits That Are Totally Wasting Your Time


It takes a bit of time to look your best. Some people may spend hours of their time on their appearance. Doing:

  • Your Hair
  • Applying makeup on their face
  • Or just finding the perfect outfit can take hours out your day.

If you want to free up your beauty routine then you should get rid of these 10 useless beauty habits.

Beauty habits and the right ones matter, but what matters more is the most efficient way to look good and that can be done by not wasting any time on looking good. So, dropping these habits will help you save your precious time and still not compromise your look.

Buffing your nails is actually a total waste of time. According to Honey Artists manicurist Alex McCormick, buffing your nails is not necessary when putting on nail polish. ‘Nail polish adheres to the nail best when it’s a smooth, rather than an etched, surface. Also, constant buffing of the nail for every manicure will cause your nails to thin out. So file and push your cuticles, but skip the buffing,’ she says.


After washing your face, some people will apply toner and then moisturize but dermatologist Ted Lain says that toners are a complete waste of time. ‘Toners came into fashion when facial cleaners were not pH-balanced, leaving an acidic residue on the skin that toners then balanced. Now, however, cleansers are completely balanced, so using a toner is unnecessary,’ he said.


Bubble baths are a luxurious and relaxing thing you do to relieve yourself from stress after a long day at work. But dermatologist David E. Bank says that they usually contain very drying soaps and alcohol. This strips your skin from moisture which isn’t exactly the best thing you could be doing to your body.


You should never pick the dirt from underneath your nails since it irritates the skin under the nail and may even result in even shorter nail beds.


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