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Are You Demisexual? Here Are 14 Signs

In today’s society, sexual desires are constantly growing from generation to generation, and this means that emotional relationships are becoming less frequent. There is a lack of trust between couples and spouses, and intimacy has become more of a pleasure than a bond.

But there are still people out there that believe sexual intercourse is meant to be used for an emotional connection. These people need to develop chemistry and a connection before they feel comfortable giving up their body. These people are called Demisexuals.

You are probably thinking that there is a direct relation to the term homosexual, but there is not. To find out more about what it means to be demisexual, read on.

What is Demisexual: Demisexual falls under the asexual spectrum. But being asexual is defined as having no interest in having any sexual intercourse. Demisexuals are more than capable of sexual attraction, but only for certain circumstances. But what separates demisexuals from the rest of society is that they are not only interested in having sexual intercourse with one person, but they have absolutely no desire to have it with anyone else.


You might be thinking “everyone is tempted at some point”, but for someone who is demisexual, that temptation is absent. If you are now wondering if you or your spouse/partner is demisexual, look for the following signs.


Relationships Start With Friendship: If you look back into your past relationships, you will notice that all your exes started out as friends before you both became a couple. Your main focus was getting to know them and building an emotional connection before you took the next step.


You’re Sometimes Repulsed By Sexual Intercourse: This sign can be sometimes confused with being asexual, but you know you enjoy intimacy, just in certain situations. Mainly the idea of sexual intercourse will repulse you when you begin to think of the hookup culture we have steered off to.


You Prefer Sleeping With Someone to Having Intercourse: You absolutely love being intimate with someone in a relationship, most times more than having sexual intercourse with them. Why it is so important to you is because it is a form of emotional closeness.


Your Scared of One Night Stands: The thought of a one night stand upsets you because you see no purpose to having meaningless sexual intercourse with someone. Some people might find you weird for having that point of view, but it just means you are looking for something deeper.

Love Before Lust: Some people will often mistaken lost for love, but you know better. You know that you have to love someone before you find them physically attractive. You can still find someone attractive, but you know that without love that compliment means nothing.


You Don’t Always Understand Your Friends: Your friends will often talk about how they would love to “sleep” with Hollywood stars or that attractive waitress they had at the bar. You don’t understand how they can think that because you see your friends as charming and kind individuals.


Sexual Intercourse Is Not A Priority In A Relationship: You will happily date someone for months without having intercourse. You enjoy sexual intercourse, but it is not something you need three times a week. In order to have a relationship with someone, they need to have that same approach so you know your both sexually compatible.


Your Lust Comes From Personality: This is a lost trait, people should be dating someone for who they are not what they look like. You look for intelligence, family morals and kindness. You look for someone who is compatible with your personality without worrying about physical traits.


When You Like Someone It’s A Big Deal: Because you are looking for something specific, something that society does not consider a top priority, it’s a big deal when you finally like someone. Your friends may call you old-fashioned, but in the old days, love was not based on superficial traits, it was based on love.


You’re Not Picky: Some people may portray your search as being “too picky” or “fussy,” but to put it simply, you just don’t feel anything for them, and that is enough for you. It takes a lot for to reach the point of liking someone, and it is better to hold off than to settle and live an unhappy life.


You Are Not Afraid of Commitment: Just because you haven’t found the right person does not mean that you are afraid of commitment. You are taking your time because you want to find someone who is willing to build a strong emotional connection that will lead to an incredible physical connection that will be a strong foundation for the relationship.


You Get High On Conversation: While people are out having meaningless sexual intercourse, you would rather stay and enjoy a nice conversation with someone. You love learning about peoples thoughts and exploring their minds and personalities. If someone can manage to match you on that mental and emotional level, they’re a keeper in your eyes.


You Don’t Flirt: For you, getting someone’s interest does not require endless flirting, you would rather strike up a conversation and get to know them. You do run the risk of being the persons friend for life instead of a partner, but you already know that.


You Do Not Enjoy Other Forms of Intimacy: Some people enjoy reading or watching pornography to get aroused, but neither of these things do anything for you. You look for more than just physical and sexual attraction; you need a relationship to build with someone who you are connected to.



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