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14-Year-Old Boy Charged With Killing His Mother And Younger Brother In Their Sleep

A Pennsylvania teenager was charged with two counts of criminal homicide after he shot his mother and 8-year-old brother in the head while they slept. The 14-year-old then proceeded to try and frame his father for the crime, police said.

Jacob Remaley, a student at Hempfield Area High School, called the police early Wednesday morning stating that his mother and younger brother were dead. Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Stephen Limani said that Jacob told dispatchers that his father placed a gun in his bed before leaving the house.


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Once an emergency service arrived at the scene, they found Jacob in the front yard with blood on his knee, repeating the word, “Mom.” After attempting to console him, Jacob went back into the house and came out with the handgun.

Luckily, a neighbor was able to diffuse the situation before troopers arrived, managing to get Jacob to discard the weapon. His mother, Dana Remaley, and younger brother were pronounced dead at the scene and Jacob was taken to the hospital for questioning where he later made his confession.


Jacob eventually confessed to the police that he retrieved his father’s gun from on top of the kitchen refrigerator after he left the house for work. He then admitted to sneaking into his parents’ and brother’s room where he shot them once each in the forehead.

The 14-year-old also told police that he would have killed his father, a US Army veteran, had he still been home. The community was in shock after the news broke with many only knowing Jacob as a polite and kind teenager who was involved in sports and church.


The only motive for the shooting that police have been able to come up with is that he “had some differences with his parents when it came to getting along with them.” However, the motive behind killing his younger brother remains unclear as they appeared to have a “fairly good relationship” according to police. Jacob has been charged as an adult and is awaiting arraignment on two counts each of criminal homicide and first-degree murder.

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