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24 Struggles Of Womanhood That Men Will Never Understand


We need to be honest here – life for a woman is damn difficult. We have to worry about maintaining society’s image of us (though men are pressured into this as well), need to bump money on things we never asked for like visits from Aunt Flo, and whenever we’re in a skirt at least three men who pass us on the street like to whistle.

It’s hard to know where to start with this one since there are definitely more than 24 struggles a woman has to deal with.

But, I decided I would pick my best ones and share them with all of you. Boys, pay close attention because this list is bound to educate you on a few things.

1. Being catcalled pretty much everywhere we turn. We should be able to leave our homes whenever we like dressed in whatever like without having to deal with harassment. To be honest, I can’t believe I even still have to put with it in this day and age. Plus, I know I’m not the only one. 

2. Periods. The absolute worst. You can’t sneeze, you can’t cough, you can’t eat anything, you get cramps. It’s like our uteruses are punishing us because we didn’t have a child to sacrifice that month. Oh, I’ve done some research and based on what men have told me and what I know of cramping, a cramp feels like a shot to your man parts. So, imagine that about five times a day for a week.

3. Bras. You know, we didn’t ask to have breasts. Yet here I am forced to drop $50.00 for an uncomfortable piece of clothing. Then there’s the added fun of having the straps dig into your shoulders or the underwire stab you in the boob. What did I ever do to them?

4. Eyebrows used to be pretty easy. A few years ago all we had to do was wax them until they were thin. Fast forward to 2017 and now we’re all filling them in to try and make them look thick and natural. Well, mine aren’t natural! These babies took a good ten minutes to fill in. 

5. Nylons. You’re heading out to a party in your new dress and with a hairstyle that took about an hour to perfect. Then you think, “Why not slip my legs into a fresh pair of nylons?” All is good until you reach your knees and hear the inevitable rip. Then you’re left to stare at the $12.00 you’ll never get back.

6. Makeup. Of course, we don’t have to wear makeup but for those of us who do, we need to take that extra time in the morning to perfect our eyeliners or choose the perfect lip color. Then there’s the added stress of being told “you look tired” when we don’t wear any makeup. Yeah, tired of you. 

7. Going to a public washroom. Swap your hands for your feet, ladies, because you and I both know we’re not touching anything in there. Toilet paper seat cover, elbow grab for the door, foot to flush the toilet, burning the clothes you wore that day when you get home. It’s a whole thing….

8. Women’s magazines. Want to lose all your belly fat, get more voluminous hair, and give your boyfriend the best sex he’s ever had?! Well, too bad because you can’t do all three at the same time. Lord knows these magazines are going to try and convince you that you can, though. 

9. Under-boob sweat. It’s a nice, sunny day. You’ve got a killer sundress on with great shoes to match. Yeah, this scenario would be great if we didn’t have to deal with out dresses clinging to us on account of our boobs sweating. It’s entirely unfair that this happens in the winter months as well. 

10. High heels. Beautiful but will literally murder your feet and everything they ever loved. Sure, they give your legs a great boost and look amazing when you’re heading out. But we all know that you’ve got a pair of flats stuffed into your purse because there’s no way your feet are lasting past the hour.


11. Waxing. Let’s be real. This isn’t something else we have to do but a lot of us like having someone rip all our leg hair off so we can be hella smooth in the summer. Of course, that comes at the added cost of having a red ring around the wax site for the next few hours. 

12. Women’s clothing. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I know we have a ton of cute stuff to wear – especially in the summer. However, I would love to be able to walk into a store and buy a plain white t-shirt that doesn’t have “daddy’s little girl” written across the chest in glitter.

13. Eyeliner. Despite the countless hours of YouTube footage I’ve watched to try and educate myself, I still can’t perfect the cat eye. (Kudos to those of you who can.) I mean, you can always make the lines bigger but unless you want eyeliner for eyeshadow, you should probably just learn how to do it properly.

14. Baths. Baths are great! So, why are they on this list? Mainly because after your bath bomb has turned the water a nice shade of blue and the bubble bar fills the tub with added aesthetic, your first layer of skin is bound to burn right off since it’s so damn hot in there.

15. No. Pockets. I don’t know why the inventor of women’s jeans decided not to make any functioning pockets for us but we have nothing. Men can stuff whatever they need to in their pockets but we need the Jaws of Life. I hear it’s so they can sell us purses…

16. The graveyard of menstruation underwear. God help us if we’re ever out and our time of the month decides to spring upon us, thereby ruining a perfectly fine pair of underwear. This is why the second we see a hole in a pair we own, they get demoted to menstruation underwear. Serve your purpose, undies.

17. Hair maintenance. Guys have to deal with their hair as well but women get the added pleasure of dry shampoo, Moroccan oil, split end treatment, hairspray, conditioning masks, and about 30 different brands of shampoo and conditioner. I’m sure there are some men who deal with this as well but I have yet to encounter one.

18. Tons of options for everything. Whether it comes down to basic things like deodorant, personal hygiene products, shoes, or nail polish, there are tons of options for just about everything we buy. Do you know how great it would be if I could just buy a universal product that doesn’t offer 40 different scents?

19. Shorts. Once again men take the cake for practical clothing. Just like you’re able to buy normal clothing that fits and doesn’t have random slogans slapped on them, you also have shorts that don’t squeeze your thighs or ride up thereby gluing you to anything you sit on in the summer.

20. Weird names for our products. Let’s skip over how sweatpants still have messages on the rear but even things like makeup and nail polish have weird names to them. I once saw a nail polish named “Grape Gatsby.” I saw a pair of shoes with the color “oxblood.” Guys, can you stop?

21. Abnormal menstruation. Not every woman is made the same way and oftentimes we all go through our monthly times differently. But we all share a common fear. Whenever our monthly visits come late we’re left to wonder all the possible reasons why it hasn’t come yet and decide what we’ll name our babies.


22. Lipstick coming off. No one loves Ruby Woo more than I do. But, as pretty as she is, she doesn’t stay on the lips very long. So, unless you want a lipstick that takes sandpaper to get off, you’re stuck with avoiding food or beverages of any kind. Basically just don’t even leave the house.

23.  Back pain. This isn’t only a woman problem but what is a woman problem is that our breasts and heavy purses weigh us down all day, every day. Not to mention, it’s not like we can do anything about it. Please just let me stay in bed. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

24. Using a round brush. Whenever I let the professionals handle it everything goes fine. But the second I try to do it at home, my curls are forever entangled in a painful mess that I can never seem to release myself from. It’s honestly just best to pay someone to do it.


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