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24 Habits Of People Who Keep Their Homes Extremely Clean

We’ve all been to that one house that looks like it came straight out of a magazine.You get an invitation to visit a friend’s home and the minute you walk through the door your eyes are met with organization paradise!

A lot of people take pride in how clean and organized their homes can be. Sometimes it takes a little whimsy to be able to pull it off, but most of the time all it takes is a little elbow grease, some easy solutions, and a willingness to de-clutter your life. A worst-case scenario situation is if someone has a home like one of those hoarder-homes that you see on reality television. If this is the case, they should always seek additional help from a medical professional. Cleaning a home like that would no doubt become a traumatic experience for the owner.

For the most part, it’s easier than ever to clean and organize your living space. There are countless ideas on the internet that you can consult, and we hope to provide some of those ideas here. The following 25 habits of people who keep their homes extremely clean will help you tackle even the toughest mess!

1) Everything Should Have its Place: A clean and organized home is a happy home. If you find that your living spaces, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or office are getting too cluttered, a great way to reduce that clutter is to designate a space for each and every item. If there isn’t room for it, ask yourself “how badly do I need this?” … chances are you’ll have no problem tossing it or donating it to charity!

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2) Utilize Your Dishwasher: A dishwasher can be used to wash a great deal more than just your dishes. Take your air vent grates for example, or perhaps an old floor mat? The dishwasher creates great sanitizing temperatures, that clean bacteria, and grime from virtually any surface. It’s especially great for children’s toys! However, always check your product’s manual before putting foreign objects not intended for the dishwasher.

3) Use A Sock To Clean Window Blinds: A sock is a fantastic way to catch all that dust and soot buildup that has been accumulating on your window blinds! It’s relatively malleable so it will fit your hand quite nicely. Use it to even clean hard to reach areas like corners, and under the sofa.

4) Press N’ Seal Your Fridge: Spills and grime can accumulate over time inside of your refrigerator, causing bacterial growth, fungus, and unwanted spores to enter your leftover food! Routinely cleaning your fridge from any spills is key. A great way to reduce time and effort is by lining your shelves with Press N’ Seal. If you have a significant spill, just peel it off and replace it!

5) Lint Rollers Rock: A lint roller really is your best friend. Not only are these handy little tools amazing for pulling unwanted lint and fibers off of your jacket, it’s also a fantastic way to clean that stubborn collection of dust off of your lampshades. Can you think of any other clever uses for a lint roller?

6) Clean Your Kitchen Knife Holders: Believe it or not, those little kitchen knife holders can contain a lot of crumbs, debris, and residue if not cleaned out regularly. To do this, you’ll need to purchase a can of air from any major retail department store. But to save money, a high powered hair dryer with a nose attachment will do as well!

7) Wash Your Shower Curtains: You wouldn’t believe how many people’s homes have a great deal of soap scum and residue on their shower curtains. Most curtains are easily detachable and machine washable. Can you remember the last time you washed your shower curtain? If it’s beyond mending in terms of build-up, perhaps it’s time to purchase a new shower curtain altogether!

8) Can’t Machine Wash Your Kids Toys? No Problem: A great way to wash and clean children’s toys that aren’t able to go in the wash is by using a simple solution using baking soda and safe cleaning solution meant for fabric. After scrubbing with the mixture, shake it off as much as possible, and finish off with Febreze!

9) Toilet Paper Rolls Make Great Vacuum Attachments: Do you have a hard to reach place that no vacuum attachment can seem to reach? Grab yourself an old paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. You can shape it into any crevice, especially those hard to reach windows and door tracks.

10) Tired Of Rust In The Bathtub? Here’s A Solution: Coating the bottoms of your cans with a thick layer of clear nail polish will prevent them from accumulating rust rings around your bathtub while exposed to water. You could also try this with metal soap dispensers, shower hooks, or bathtub hair catchers.

11) Turn On Your AC While Dusting: Turning on your air conditioning unit (If you have a small portable one rather than central air) is a great way to get air flow going while you dust your shelves. The AC will suck up the air in your home and push it out the window. However, if you intend to clean out your AC, turning it off is a more appropriate solution.

12) Use Baskets And Trays To Organize Clutter: A great way to eliminate things floating around your kitchen counter is to designate a basket or tray for one corner of your kitchen. If what you seek cannot fit in this tray, then into the cupboard it goes! There’s no need to have absolutely everything out all the time. Only the essentials!

13) Duct Tape + Paint Roller: Duct Tape wrapped neatly around an old paint roller is a fantastic way to collect and remove any unwanted pet fur. This is especially useful on fabrics such as velvet, or corduroy, where pet hair is really tricky to get out. You can also use this to get rid of stuck-on dust bunnies on the underside of your couches or bed frame.

14) Tape Your Pet Bowls Down: Tired of your messy cat or dog spilling their dog food everywhere? A great way to prevent this is to tape the bowl directly to the ground. This will also help your animal properly consume their meal without having their bowl slide all over the place!


15) Grapefruit + Salt: Grab a large grapefruit, a package of coarse sea salt, and cut the grapefruit in half. Add a good deal of course sea salt into the fleshy part of the fruit and presto: you have yourself a great sink cleanser! This will leave your kitchen smelling absolutely amazing, and the salt combined with the acidity in the fruit will cut through dirt and grime. You could also use a lemon or an orange if you prefer.

16) Organize Your Cleaners: Tired of sifting through your cupboards for every manner of cleaning product? Get one of those shoe organizing door hangers, and use them for bottles of cleaning spray instead of shoes. Chances are you already have one of these lying around in your house somewhere. Why not repurpose it?


17) A Tension Bar Under The Sink: Similarly to the shoe organizer, you can also use a tension-bar under your kitchen sink to properly store all of your spray nozzle cleaning supplies in a nice organized manner. You can also fasten hooks to the bar, and add alternative products that aren’t so easy to hang!

18) Giant Tupperware + Garbage: There’s nothing worse than someone offering you a ride someplace, and their car is filled with garbage. We can’t imagine anything more embarrassing than having to push aside chocolate bar wrappers, coffee cups and cans of soda out of the way to allow your passengers to sit down. A great way to reduce clutter in your car is by adding a large Tupperware container meant for cereals or pasta, line it with a garbage bag, and seal it with the top lid.

19) Use Your Squeegee: Another amazing use of a squeegee is to use it to clean your carpets from unwanted hair and debris. A squeegee adds enough friction and abrasive pull that it will suck any animal fur, human hair, lint, and dust bunnies out of your carpet. Seriously, try it. You’ll be amazed at the results!

20) Magical Toothpaste: Toothpaste is fantastic a great way to keep your teeth clean, but did you know that you can also use it to clean off old, foggy headlights on your vehicle? The results are staggering. Just apply some toothpaste to a thick brush (not wire) put in a little elbow grease and go to town!

21) Use Your Power Tools: A great way to reduce time on scrubbing that stubborn bathtub of yours is to utilize a drill with a special scrub brush attachment. Keep your tools away from water as much as possible, but this is a fantastic way to get that tough grime off your tiles without putting in the extra elbow grease!

22) No More Swiffer Sheets? Use a Cloth!: An old towel or cloth on the bottom of your Swiffer works just as well if not better than the static cling sheets the company provides. Not only is this a great way to save money, it’s a very good way to save the environment from excess waste as well. For a wet job, simply dampen the towel before using.

23) Tin Foil: A really fun way to help cut down on clean up after painting your home, is to line your paint tray with tin foil. A thick layer should prevent any paint from reaching the tray itself, which will help preserve it for future use. If you’re really cheap, you might be able to return the tray to the store, but you didn’t hear that from us!

24) Coffee Filters: Chances are you have a stack of old coffee filters laying around that will never get used. One way to utilize these suckers is to wash your windows and electronics with them! Coffee Filters naturally reduce streaks when used to clean shiny surfaces. They are also great static clings for dust.


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