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24 People Reveal Secrets About Their Significant Other That They Aren’t Supposed To Know


Everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet, some bigger than others. How or why we choose to keep our secrets is our choice, but often when you spend a large amount of time with another person, these secrets tend to get found out.

Sharing a life with your significant other tends to open up a lot of different questions about the things you haven’t really told other people.

Sometimes those secrets end up being so ridiculous that your partner wonders why they have to be secrets at all. Other secrets tend to be far more serious. The following 25 stories were submitted by Reddit users to describe the worst secrets their Significant Other was keeping from them.

1) His Secret: My partner had been hiding from me the fact that he’s autistic for ten years. He suffered from therapy that was abusive, and because of this, he feels that hiding his autism is the most important thing in the world. It’s always a weird balance between me pretending he’s not autistic while trying my best to handle everything when he isn’t super high functioning. I know he has a formal diagnosis. I think he thinks that if I knew I wouldn’t love him anymore which just isn’t true. (Reddit user: ****cornwitch)

2) The Proposal: This is kind of a secret in the past, but my girlfriend at the time surprised me with buying a holiday trip to Brussels for my 30th birthday, only it wasn’t a surprise. I had accidentally intercepted the confirmation email. I decided this was as good a time as any to propose, so I act surprised when she tells me, then on the first night we’re there, I get down on one knee and propose. We’re celebrating our 3 year anniversary next month. (Reddit user: SniperKrizz)

3) Greatest Supporter: Back when I was first starting up my art business, I had a kick starter to fund my tour of my art. I had just started dating my SO, but I found out that he gave a relatively significant amount of money but didn’t tell me. He did so anonymously. He gave himself away when I found the address for his “backer’s reward” was to his roommate’s old house. I didn’t suspect his roommates were supportive of my art. We’re still together and I feel very lucky to have him. (Reddit user: carpetthrowingaway)

4) The Motorcycle: I was deployed in Afghanistan and I wanted to use my money I earned to buy a motorcycle. When I came back to the U.S. I met my girlfriend who had a child, and I decided I wanted them in my life. Buying a motorcycle became a secondary dream because I couldn’t afford one. I finally found one for a decent price on Kijiji and got the seller to sell it to me for $1500. Then I got an email saying that he just sold it to someone else for his original asking price of $2000 which I couldn’t afford. My girlfriend was being sneaky at the time, and it raised some red flags but I played along. Soon enough, my birthday comes around, she surprised me, blindfolded me, and took me to see the bike. She’s a keeper. (Reddit user: Slappytitz)

5) The Parrot: This is in my past but it’s still a good story. I ended up finding out that my girlfriend at the time was cheating on me. I realized this after one of my parrots picked up what she said, saying in an unusual sensual voice, “Oh God, yes, Jim!”  Turns out my now ex-girlfriend and Jim were sleeping together while I went to work. I told her the next time I saw her that my Parrot gave her away, and dumped her. (Reddit user: birdsinparadise12)

6) The Toilet Problem: My girlfriend and I were long distance when we first started dating. She came to visit me for 4 days, but I had to work one of those days. When I was away at work, she had to use the bathroom and clogged the toilet. She couldn’t get it to plunge and was freaked out. Her solution was to go to the kitchen, get a fork and plastic bag, and dig out the toilet’s contents, then throw it away. She called her friend in a panic, and the friend thought it was hilarious. The friend told me years later, but I kept it a secret that I knew. I find it funny by I don’t want her to be embarrassed! (Reddit user: PinsNNeedles)

7) The Collection: When I first started dating my boyfriend, he was a huge nerd, but was trying really hard to play it cool. Little does he know that I really like smart, intelligent, nerdy guys. I later found out that he had an enormous collection of hentai on his computer. Like, an embarrassing amount. I had to use his computer one day, and my curiosity got the best of me. We’re married now, and I’m fairly certain he still enjoys hentai. I don’t bring it up though. There are worse things to enjoy! (Reddit user: deleted)

8) My Boss: My girlfriend had slept with my boss before we knew each other and before I had even been hired by the company. I’m in no way angry about it or anything, everyone has a past. But whenever I ask her to visit me at work or drop me off at work, or anything, she carefully dances around the subject. I’m careful not to bring it up. (Reddit user: RexDust)

9) The Bruins: My husband spent a ton of money on Bruins tickets this year. Whenever he get tickets to a game, he claims that he acquired them for free somehow through work, but I know he paid for them. I don’t really mind. It’s his money he can spend it how he wants to, but it’s funny that he believes I wouldn’t realize he’s spending a few hundred dollars every time he goes to a game. (Reddit user: notasugarbabybutok)

10) My Partner’s Past: I found out that my partner was a prostitute, stripper, and worked on adult films when they were young and poor. They retired and bought a food truck. I loved the coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches. I also fell in love. They don’t think I know. They don’t know that I don’t care. I’ll never tell. (Reddit user: koru999)

11) My Wife’s Head: My wife wouldn’t let me go near her head while we were dating. She’d never let me touch her hair or play with her hair. For the longest time, she avoided me going there. Her mom asked if I knew about her condition, which I didn’t. Found out my wife had to have brain surgeries and there was a lot of scarring on her head. I was invited to stay over one night, and she let me feel her head. I could feel tears rolling down her cheeks. I told her no matter what scars that I was never going to let her go, and swore in that moment I’d take care of her for the rest of my life. We dated for 6 months, and have been married for 10 years. (Reddit user: Savegry_1227)

12) The Other Apartment: Before my Ex-Wife and I split up, I found out she was hiding a storage unit filled with an entire apartment’s worth of furniture, just in case the breakup went bad. She worked the night shift, and I was using her laptop. I don’t normally read her messages, but an alarming amount of them were sent. I could tell she was having a lengthy conversation. I opened it up and saw the picture of the storage unit. I brought it up with her after a few months, and she was shocked that I knew. We filed for a divorce. (Reddit user: spaceduckcoast2coast)

13) The Bedtime Accident: I don’t know what happened to lead up to this, but my boyfriend went number two in our bed. I’m assuming he trusted a fart that he should not have, but it happened. He didn’t hide it very well, he put the sheets in the washing machine but didn’t start it, and it started to smell. He claims the dog did it, but his boxer shorts that he attempted to hide in the trash told a different story. I wanted to bring it up, but I didn’t want to break the illusion he has of being the Secret Agent of Bed-Accidents. (Reddit user: Fawkes_Fly_Free)

14) Smoker: My wife smokes when I’m not home. I know because I have to move our internet router to the window where the latch is to open it. There’s a far better signal there for our internet, but whenever I come home, the router is moved to a different location. I put it back without her knowing, and call her out for smoking. She doesn’t know how I keep finding out. (Reddit user: fexian)

15) Hand-Me-Down iPhone: I found out that my wife dropped my iPhone in a porter-john toilet. The toilet had been used so much, that the phone landed on a large pile of waste and toilet paper above the liquid. She cleaned it off and returned it to me. A year later I upgraded and gave her my old phone. She insisted on purchasing a new cover even though I had a really expensive protective case for it. I never understood why until one of her kids told on her. (Reddit user: IClogToilets)

16) Pre-Proposal: I knew for a good year and a half before my proposal about it, because I found the engagement ring. He was not very good at hiding it. He bought it because he found the perfect one, but didn’t propose for a year and a half. He didn’t have all his plans in order, so it was difficult keeping quiet about it. I thought he was having second thoughts but then he proposed. He actually changed the stone in the ring which WAS a surprise, but yeah. (Reddit user: AwkwardRawrz)

17) Frozen Croutons: Snacks are awesome right? Some people like chips, fruit, or yogurt. My wife likes croutons. Frozen croutons, actually. She used to hide this addiction like an alcoholic hides bottles of booze. She used to stick them in the freezer. I’d be like “What’s with the croutons in the freezer” and she’d act like she had no idea what I was going on about. Now I’m addicted to them too, and she tells me what a weirdo I am while she eats half the bag with me. (Reddit user: becash123)

18) Wayne’s World: My husband has an enormous obsession with the movie Wayne’s World but doesn’t want to admit it. I’ve caught the title in his recently watched list at least every other week, and I’ve found digital copies on all his devices. I asked him to watch it with me one night, and he said he didn’t want to. So I forced him to watch it with me, and it turns out that he knows every word to the whole movie, front to back, every shot, line, and joke. He says he can’t function without watching it at least once a week. There are worse things to be obsessed with so I let him go in. (Reddit user: deleted)

19) Hospital News: I was in the hospital for a weird pain that I was suffering from. We were uninsured and the doctors thought it might be cancer. I lost it a bit. She was very brave for me. Her mother called, and she excused herself to the bathroom. She didn’t know it but the sound echoed out into the hallways and I could hear her balling her eyes out, not sure how we were going to pay for treatment, and it looked really bad. I never told her I heard her, but it was heartbreaking. When she came out it was as if nothing happened. She was determined, calm, and collected. She took out her computer and organized our finances, making room for treatments. She told me everything would be fine. I knew in that moment how much I loved her. (Reddit user: fin_winter)

20) Gambling Addiction: My husband thought he could get away with gambling. I noticed money starting to disappear from our savings accounts, and he always had an excuse as to why this was happening. Bad interest rates, fees, etc. I wasn’t very good with money or numbers, but I’m good enough with human interaction to know when someone is lying to me. I hired a private detective, who followed my husband to the racetrack. Apparently, he goes every night after work and actually doesn’t work full time like he claims, and uses the last couple hours of his ‘work’ to gamble. He thought he could get away with it, but I called him out on it when he dipped into our son’s college savings account. He’s now got the help he needs and hasn’t gambled since. I know because I’m in complete control of our bank accounts now. (Reddit user: delete)

21) The Cat: My parents got a new cat that they adopted from a local shelter. My boyfriend claims to hate cats so much. He openly said to me that he doesn’t like the new cat they adopted, but I know different. He complained that the cat always likes sleeping in his room for some reason but makes excuses when I suggest closing the door. That idiot loves the cat so much. (Reddit user: Saxophonebird)

22) Leftovers: My boyfriend ALWAYS eats my leftovers. He claims to be cleaning out my fridge when he comes over, saying that I leave food for too long in there. Well, one time I had some Chinese food leftover, with that orange sweet N sour sauce all over the chicken balls. He says to me he threw them away because they weren’t good anymore. He still had the sauce on his lips. I never told him, but the next time he goes to steal my leftovers, I plan to let him know about it. (Reddit user: deleted)

23) Netflix And Cheat: My Ex-GF at the time was cheating. She thinks I found out because I looked at her phone, but I knew two months earlier that she was cheating on me from a picture she sent. In the picture was her, watching Netflix in bed. She didn’t realize that the dude’s face was visible in the laptop’s reflection. I was in denial and tried to fix things, but I ended up telling her and we broke. (Reddit user: xthorgoldx)

24) Secret Recipe: I know about her secret Caesar salad dressing. It’s actually the best thing to eat ever, but after being with her for years she refuses to tell me what’s in it. What she doesn’t know, is that I secretly watched her make the entire thing over the past few months. Now I know what her secrets are, and I have the power! (Reddit user: DrJeXX)


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