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24 People Reveal Secrets About Their Significant Other That They Aren’t Supposed To Know


Everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet, some bigger than others. How or why we choose to keep our secrets is our choice, but often when you spend a large amount of time with another person, these secrets tend to get found out.

Sharing a life with your significant other tends to open up a lot of different questions about the things you haven’t really told other people.

Sometimes those secrets end up being so ridiculous that your partner wonders why they have to be secrets at all. Other secrets tend to be far more serious. The following 25 stories were submitted by Reddit users to describe the worst secrets their Significant Other was keeping from them.

1) His Secret: My partner had been hiding from me the fact that he’s autistic for ten years. He suffered from therapy that was abusive, and because of this, he feels that hiding his autism is the most important thing in the world. It’s always a weird balance between me pretending he’s not autistic while trying my best to handle everything when he isn’t super high functioning. I know he has a formal diagnosis. I think he thinks that if I knew I wouldn’t love him anymore which just isn’t true. (Reddit user: ****cornwitch)

2) The Proposal: This is kind of a secret in the past, but my girlfriend at the time surprised me with buying a holiday trip to Brussels for my 30th birthday, only it wasn’t a surprise. I had accidentally intercepted the confirmation email. I decided this was as good a time as any to propose, so I act surprised when she tells me, then on the first night we’re there, I get down on one knee and propose. We’re celebrating our 3 year anniversary next month. (Reddit user: SniperKrizz)

3) Greatest Supporter: Back when I was first starting up my art business, I had a kick starter to fund my tour of my art. I had just started dating my SO, but I found out that he gave a relatively significant amount of money but didn’t tell me. He did so anonymously. He gave himself away when I found the address for his “backer’s reward” was to his roommate’s old house. I didn’t suspect his roommates were supportive of my art. We’re still together and I feel very lucky to have him. (Reddit user: carpetthrowingaway)

4) The Motorcycle: I was deployed in Afghanistan and I wanted to use my money I earned to buy a motorcycle. When I came back to the U.S. I met my girlfriend who had a child, and I decided I wanted them in my life. Buying a motorcycle became a secondary dream because I couldn’t afford one. I finally found one for a decent price on Kijiji and got the seller to sell it to me for $1500. Then I got an email saying that he just sold it to someone else for his original asking price of $2000 which I couldn’t afford. My girlfriend was being sneaky at the time, and it raised some red flags but I played along. Soon enough, my birthday comes around, she surprised me, blindfolded me, and took me to see the bike. She’s a keeper. (Reddit user: Slappytitz)

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