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24 Strangers Photobombed Ordinary Photos And Turned Them Into Real Gems

We’ve all sought that “Kodak” moment when it comes to getting the perfect picture. Sometimes, the most unexpected things happen when we’re taking these photos that we are completely surprised by the outcome.

Other times, it’s our relatives, friends, general pranksters, and the trolls of the world who make our pictures all the more interesting by photobombing them! It’s hard to foresee when a picture will turn out this way.

Before when you’d get photos developed at the photo development center at your local drug store, you’d have to wait to see when someone photobombs your pictures! Thankfully, with the advent of digital technology, we can get a clear glimpse of when something goes awry when taking that perfect photo and you can always try again. This does not, however, stop certain people (or animals) from stealing the spotlight in a hilarious way!

1) The Random Biker: Reddit user @sizertl uploaded this photo, claiming that his lady friend wanted a piggyback ride photo at the sunset. Soon after taking the photo, a random biker who was watching from nearby decided that he wanted a piggyback picture too! We’ll give this a score of 6/10 photobombs! If only because it’s not a true unexpected photobomb, but rather an unexpected pose.


2) Photobomb at the Mall: Reddit user @TongueCave uploaded this photo, stating that his friend tried to take a nice picture at the mall. Notice anything off about this photo? That’s right, check out the epic photobomb between these two lovers! This is next level trolling awesomeness. We give this 10/10 photobombs. A textbook example of the best photobomb out there.

3) The Coachella Face: This internet user decided to photobomb actor Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nikki Read at the Coachella festival. The photobomb happened to also be captured by the Paparazzi, which is hilarious. We give this photobomb 8/10 photobombs! Notice how he goes for the classic ‘stick out your tongue’ face. Nicely done!

4) Damn, She Found Me!: Reddit user @brosephs decided to snap this photo of his buddy while they were out fishing. Suddenly, some random lady who looked unimpressed decided to photobomb the background. @brosephs calls this piece “Damn, She Found Me!” We give it 7/10 Photobombs. If only we could see her true reaction!

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