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8 Foods That Nutritionists Recommend You Never Touch


A lot more people are becoming more health conscious over the past few years, with obesity and health complications as the topic of a growing concern.

Nutritionists make it a point to advocate for the healthiest foods, with the exception that a cheat day can happen as long as it’s in moderation. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule in certain foods that you should try and always steer clear of.

The following 8 foods are universally regarded as bad for your body, and should typically be avoided if you can help it.

1) Candy: Everyone knows that candy is bad for you, but there are certain types of candy that are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, and more sugar than any adult requires in one day. Sugary sweets have little to zero nutritional value and are terribly addictive.

2) Processed Meats: A lot of processed meats including salami, hot dogs, bologna, or prepackaged lunch meats contain chemicals that are used to preserve the meat for unnaturally long periods. They also include flavor additives, coloring and poor quality trans-fats that are bad for your heart and body. Try sticking to fresh meat from the deli or local sources.

3) Ketchup: A lot of companies that bottle Ketchup will lace it with sugar and heavily process it. The same goes for most store-bought condiments. Fortunately, there are certain brands out there that make all-natural ketchup or any other condiments that have great flavor without all the additives.

4) Unnatural Beverages: Soda drinks or certain bottled juices contain excessive amounts of sugar and are filled with other harmful chemicals that are terribly addictive. Similarly, if you stick with diet drinks, many of these contain aspartame which is a known cancer-causing agent. Some beverages, like small bottles of ‘energy’ contain up to 10x your daily sodium intake. If you need a caffeine boost, stick with a natural coffee, espresso or tea.

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