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This Is What School Lunches Look Like In 16 Countries Around The World


Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day but lunch is probably the most exciting. People are always looking forward to lunchtime! Growing up in an American school system, you probably had something like:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • a PB & J sandwich
  • Lunchables

But you probably never had anything like rice and kimchi, or rice and curry. Kids around the world are used to eating school lunches that may be completely different to the ones that you’re used to.

In this gallery, viewers get to see what school lunches look like in different countries all around the globe. Are you familiar with any of these food items?   

Taiwan – In this country, school children get a hearty meal of rice, veggies, a meat side dish, and tofu in broth. 


Slovakia – It’s important to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. The kids in Slovakia are making sure they meet their daily intake by eating some tomatoes, apples, and kiwis alongside the rest of their lunch.

slovakia lunch

Singapore – In this Asian country, Singaporean children get a variety of side dishes that complement their main noodle dish. 

Singapore lunch

Czech Republic – Curry and rice is a popular lunch option in this country. Kids also get to slurp down some delicious soup while they chow down on their meal.


Sweden – In Sweden, some lunch options include beans, peas, carrot, potatoes, salad, and stir fried veggies. 

Sweden lunch

France – This common French meal looks like something we could see people eating in America. The main dish includes coucous with stir friend vegetables and a steak. And to add a bit more green to their plate, there’s a side salad for added nutrients.

france lunch

 Korea – For those that are a fan of Korean food, you may recognize several of these sides. The variety of sides perfectly complement the red beans and rice.

korean lunch

Spain – Even though this meal is served in a plastic tray, we think it’s fancy enough to be served in a restaurant. Tomato soup, rice, and prawns? Yes, please!

spain lunch

Iran – The Iranians keep things a bit more minimal when it comes to lunch time. Plain white rice, with a steamed tomato, and meat loaf is enough to energize you for the rest of your school day.

ukraine lunch

Ukraine – Mashed potato lovers will probably enjoy this meal. The mashed potatoes are accompanied by some sausage, some type of flat bread, and sauerkraut. 

ukraine lunch

 Japan – In Japan, kids can put a package of rice noodles in a vegetable broth to create a delicious meal. 

japanese lunch

But if that’s not their thing, they could also opt for a chicken and vegetable soup and nibble on some fermented soybeans commonly known as natto. 

Brazil – Brazilian school kids get to feast like kings during their lunch hour with white rice, beans, meat, veggies, salad, a roll, and a banana. 

brazil lunch

China – Rice seems to be the popular food of choice when it comes to making lunch for school grade children. Here we see rice with fish covered in teriyaki sauce.

chinese lunch

 U.S.A – This is one of the more common lunches we see in America – chicken nuggets with a veggie side dish like mashed potatoes and peas, a fruit cocktail cup, and a cookie for dessert.

american lunch

India – In India it’s no surprise to see that one of the most popular lunches is rice and curry. This meal is accompanied with a hard boiled egg and yogurt. 

indian lunch


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