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A Different Kind Of Heart Attack: New Research Finds A Broken Heart Permanently Weakens The Organ In A Similar Way

The human heart is the most important organ in the body. It’s responsible for pumping blood through the body and supplying oxygen and nutrients. Without our heart, we cannot live. For this reason, it is imperative that we take good care of it. But this can become difficult as we grow older. Dealing with death, disappointment, and heartbreak, our heart endures a lot of stress. With that said, a different kind of heart attack has surfaced.

Dealing with emotional stress is extremely difficult. Depression and anxiety are only a few of the many silent killers. In some cases, people do not want to seek help because of the feeling of embarrassment. Other times people do not want to burden anyone with their problems.

They think they’re doing the right thing. But in actuality, they’re damaging their heart. Researchers have discovered that severe emotional stress can physically damage the heart. They have compared the damage to the damage caused by a heart attack.

A different kind of heart attack surfaces and statistics indicate that each year, over 3,000 adults suffer from what is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. In basic terms, they suffer from broken heart syndrome.

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What this syndrome does is it weakens and stuns the heart. When this occurs, the left ventricle can change shape. The left ventricle is one of the main chambers of the heart.

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When a different kind of heart attack arises, studies must be done. Last year, Swiss researchers at the University of Aberdeen did a study which concluded that this condition can also be triggered by happiness as well.

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The study consisted of 37 patients that currently had Takotsubo for two years. They concluded that the damage the heart sustained after the event remained. They made this discovery through ultrasounds and MRI scans.

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