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Aaron Paul Wants To Return As Jesse Pinkman

Fans of Breaking Bad and the dynamic duo that were Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would love nothing more than to re-live the experience of watching the show again. Most fans are probably secretly hoping that the show will make a comeback, while others think that the way the show ended was perfect.  

Aaron Paul appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and actually hinted that he will be making an appearance in the third season of Better Call Saul.


Better Caul Saul is a Breaking Bad spinoff, and also works as a prequel. Both shows were created by Vince Gilligan. The Show takes place in 2002 and follows the story line of James Morgan “Jimmy” McGill. It takes place six years before he appears as Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. It premiered in February 2015.

Ellen herself straight up asked Aaron if he will be on Better Call Saul, to which Aaron replied: “God, I hope so. Maybe I already shot the… They just wrapped up the last season so maybe I could be on it. I would love to be on it.” Ellen tried to get as much information as she could out of him, but Aaron was being pretty vague.

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