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Top 10 Actor Injuries You Actually See In The Movies


Making a film can sometimes be more perilous than the story of the film itself. When actors go all out to get into character, at times what’s supposed to be fake can end up being real. Many actors have injured themselves on set due to:

  • Stunts gone wrong,
  • Taking things too far,
  • Fluke accidents.

Some injuries have ended up making it into the final cut of a film. In the following film scenes, the pain you see these actors experience isn’t acting at all.

Here are 10 actor injuries that were included in the film.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler. Gyllenhaal is known for going all out for the sake of his performance. His role as the high-strung stringer in Nightcrawler was no exception. Not only did he lose 30 pounds for the role, he also injured himself while improvising in character.

NightcrawlerBold Films

Gyllenhaal revealed to Variety that he punched a mirror, which ended up shattering and slicing up his hand to the point where stitches were required. The punch wasn’t in the script and Gyllenhaal did it on impulse. Despite the pain, Gyllenhaal remained in character while the camera continued to roll.

2. Halle Berry, Gothika. In the 2003 psychological thriller, Berry’s character wakes up in an asylum after being accused of murdering her husband. In one heated scene between Berry and Robert Downey Jr., things got a little too physical.

GothikaWarner Bros Entertainment

While Downey Jr. was restraining Berry, he accidentally ended up twisting her arm and breaking it, which caused production to halt for eight weeks. “It was a freak accident,” Berry said of her injury. “We’re good friends.”


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