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12 Actors Who Were Paid Barely Nothing For Their First Movie


Many of us would assume that actors live a lavish life. They get pampered by a wide array of personal assistants, they appear on screen with beautiful co-stars and get paid exorbitant amounts of money by movie studios and sponsors.

But in reality, not all movie stars get paid like elite athletes and that rule extends to even some A-list celebs!

Whether it’s Jonah Hill or Brad Pitt, here are some famous actors that got paid ‘little’ for some of their best roles.

The Wolf of Wall Street was not only an amazing movie, but it was a huge success for the movie studio and the producer Martin Scorsese.

When Martin offered the role to Jonah Hill, he was already a millionaire at the time and a regular household name. Martin offered him a measly 60,000 dollar paycheck which Jonah did not hesitate to accept.


And it seems like Jonah knew what he was doing since he signed on the same day he was offered the contract. He was later nominated for his second Oscar. On the other hand, Leonardo DiCaprio got paid 25 million dollars for his role!

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Tom Cruise in Magnolia. When Tom did this movie, he had already appeared in films such as Mission: Impossible, Jerry Maguire and Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.

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