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10 Actors Who Could Be The Next Wolverine After Logan


Wolverine’s and his ‘bad boy’ attitude has long been one of the favorites within the mutant super team that is the X-men. With instant healing abilities, 6 adamantium claws and feral senses, Wolverine quickly became a fan favorite. He was awesome not only in his role as big brother in Charles Xavier’s school but also as a member of the Avengers. As a combination between naturally enhanced senses and man-made modifications, Wolverine helped in taking down many villains.

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Without spoiling the new movie, Logan, Hugh Jackman is set to retire and a new actor will take the place of Wolverine.

Here are 10 actors who could potentially play the next Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman has played the role of Weapon X for 17 years which makes him the longest-running actor ever to have played a superhero. Finding a suitable replacement for Hugh might be a tall task but here are some potential substitutes.

3Hugh Jackman

Despite the physical similarities between these two men, there are also some cinematic attributes. The first of these potential actors to replace Weapon X is Joe Manganiello.

4Hugh Jackman

Joe played the role of Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man trilogy but he is more known for flashing those canines in his role as a werewolf in True Blood. Just like Hugh Jackman, he studied wolves before going on screen in order to better play his role.

6Joe Manganiello

Moreover, he was highly considered and extremely close to playing Superman in the movie Man of Steel, so that just confirms any misgivings one may have of his superhero status.

11Joe Manganiello

Another person that could potentially utter Wolverine’s catchphrase is Norman Reedus. (FYI it’s: ‘I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.’)

8Norman Reedus

Besides the love of motorcycles that the two men share, Norman Reedus has also played the role of undead in The Walking Dead.

9Norman Reedus

Joel Edgerton is another actor that could replace Hugh Jackman in the (hopefully) upcoming movies.

Joel-Edgerton-Jai-Courtney-Felony-Movie-Los-Angeles-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-4Joel Edgerton

As someone with a legitimate fighting background, it is easy to see how Joel would fit in this role. He most recently co-starred in Warrior with Tom Hardy.

Joel-Edgerton-and-TomJoel Edgerton

As probably the most famous actor on this list, Jake Gyllenhaal might be a bit of a stretch. His previous role as Nightcrawler and then as a boxer in Southpaw were both impressive performances.

CaptureJake Gyllenhaal

Although he tends to stay away from big blockbuster series, Jake would make a great Wolverine. With his previous boxing experience, he can certainly pack a punch in the new series!

10Jake Gyllenhaal

Luke Evans has starred in Fast and Furious 6 as well as Lord of the Rings: Desolation of Smaug. Although normally an antagonist in these movies, Luke would make a great replacement.

17Luke Evans

The Welsh actor shares a similar background with Hugh Jackman since they both have a musical theater pedigree. And we know he has beastly and primal qualities since his most recent role in Beauty and the Beast.

16Luke Evans

Liam Hemsworth is Chris Hemsworth’s brother, and we all know Chris plays Thor in The Avengers. Although Chris was the initial option to play Thor, here is a perfect opportunity for Liam to join the superhero team.

20Liam Hemsworth

His most recent role in The Hunger Games showcased his ability to not only survive but show off his athletic skills and grizzled looks.

21Liam Hemsworth

Penn Badgley also has a chance to play the role of Wolverine. With his thick, dense beard along with his grizzled good looks, it’s no surprise to see why he would fit in.

1_Penn_BadgleyPenn Badgley

Although not as jacked as Jackman, a couple of months under some weights and a nutritionist should solve all those skinny problems.

Penn+Badgley+Leighton+Meester+Penn+Badgley+LWMkcZBXYcflPenn Badgley

Scott Caan is another potential actor who could take on the role of Wolverine. Since he’s already shown off his athletic and acting capabilities in his showings on Hawaii Five-O and Entourage it’s no surprise that he would end up on this list.

e744c138ed0fb1603f99f0bed25ec9beScott Caan

And his penchant for the slicked back hair, decent beard, and the ‘bad guy’ attitude, he can definitely play a comic book hero.

Scott+CaanScott Caan

Although one of the older men on this list, Michael Rooker would make a fascinating matured rendition of Wolverine.

Michael_Rooker_2013_02_(cropped)Michael Rooker

He previously starred as Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy and also starred in The Walking Dead. His experience in a wide range of movies as well as being chiseled and matured would be a nice change of scenery to see an older adaptation of Logan.

Michael-Rooker-as-Merle-Dixon-and-Yondu-UdontaMichael Rooker

Scott Eastwood. Son of Clint Eastwood, he was born with big shoes to fill but playing the role of Wolverine might be the first step in the right direction.

Scott-EastwoodScott Eastwood

His short stint in Suicide Squad, as well as his acting capabilities on par with his father, would make him a great fit for Weapon X.


With Scott’s good looks, thick beard, and great genetics, he would be an awesome role for Wolverine. Moreover, his fans have been clamoring for him to replace Logan for years now and it would certainly be logical since the movie studios would want a younger replacement.

Scott_Eastwood_4Scott Eastwood

Scott’s young age would allow movie studios to run multiple Logan movies, which they are sure to do. It would help them restart the Wolverine series all over again.

Scott-Eastwood-Shirtless-Photo-Shoot-July-2015Scott Eastwood


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