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‘Modern Family’ Star Slams CVS Pharmacy On Twitter For Leaving Her Without Kidney Transplant Medication

It would be bad enough for anyone to be unable to pick up a necessary prescription, but for actress Sarah Hyland, it was incredibly important to her well being. The Modern Family star was unable to pick up a prescription she needed after a kidney transplant, and she took to Twitter to let the pharmacy know it had wronged her.

Hyland underwent the kidney transplant in 2012. She had suffered from a condition known as kidney dysplasia, in which one of a child’s kidneys does not fully or properly develop. Complications of the condition left her in need of a new organ. Luckily, her father Edward was willing to act as a donor and the operation was a success.

However, a kidney transplant requires the recipient to take medication such as antibiotics in order for the kidney to continue to work. Actress Sarah Hyland had contacted the pharmacy to put in her prescription and was told it would be ready before closing time that day. However, when she arrived, the store had already closed.

Hyland immediately took to Twitter to express her outrage at CVS Pharmacies for misinforming her of the store’s opening and closing hours. She also noted the importance of her required medication.

The Modern Family star continued her rant against CVS Pharmacies by sharing a picture of the opening and closing times which she stated were inaccurate.

Actress Sarah Hyland received a lot of support from her Twitter followers but some were quick to criticize her and offer their own suggestions for how she could have handled the situation.

However, Hyland was quick to respond to the criticism. She stated that she called at 9:02 and the pharmacy was already closed, despite the posted hours.

CVS Pharmacies was obviously not happy about having their name dragged through the mud, so they contacted Hyland in an attempt to try and smooth things over.

cvs pharmaciestwitter/@cvspharmacy

Actress Sarah Hyland expressed disbelief that this tweet from CVS Pharmacies was legitimate. She inquired as to whether this was just a copied and pasted corporate tweet.

However, CVS was quick to respond and assured the Modern Family star that they did, in fact, wish to speak with her and make things right.

Hyland did end up getting in touch with a member of CVS Pharmacies’ management team. She not only told her story but shared the experiences of her followers who had similar experiences with the company.


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