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10 Awkward Cartoon Characters Voiced By Hot Actresses


Animation has come a long way. Most of the time you don’t think about the person behind the character. However, many famous actresses have lent their voices to animated characters in:

  • Children’s shows,
  • Animated sitcoms,
  • Movies.

These actresses may have helped bring these animated characters to life with their voices, but they certainly don’t resemble them appearance-wise.

Here are 10 awkward animated characters who were voiced by hot actresses.

1. For the live action/computer-animated reboot of The Smurfs franchise, Sony Pictures Animation locked down a voice that’s known to top music charts for the role of Smurfette.

SmurfetteColumbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation

Pop singer Katy Perry voiced Smurfette in both the 2011 film and the following sequel in 2013. However, Demi Lovato took over the role of Smurfette for the upcoming third film in the trilogy, Smurfs: The Lost Village.

2. In Dreamworks Animation’s subversive family fantasy film Shrek, the title character’s love interest, Princess Fiona, eventually found her true form as an ogre as well. However, the voice behind this ogre princess is anything but unsightly.

The bubbly actress Cameron Diaz lent her voice to the character Princess Fiona in Shrek as well as the film’s three sequels and the two holiday specials that followed.

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