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16 Adorable Photos Of The Avengers When They Were Young And Little

Avengers: Infinity War was been breaking all kinds of records at the box office and has made $1.85 billion at the global box office and counting. This means that the entire world knows who these actors are and would spot them if they were walking down the street.

When they were children and teenagers they were just like us. They played sports, video games and had fun with their family and friends. When they were younger, if they walked down the street we probably wouldn’t think anything about it. Even when they were actors acting in other films, they were probably still able to walk down the street and go relatively unnoticed. 

This sparked our curiosity into knowing what these actors looked like before they were our beloved Avengers. We did some research and compiled a list of childhood photos of the actors who are playing some of the Avengers. Below is a list of 16 adorable photos of the Avengers when they were young and little.

1. Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man: Iron Man might be considered by many to be the leader of The Avengers but back in the day he was just an adorable little boy. Since this photo has been taken Robert Downey Jr. has starred in a lot of films and brought Iron Man to life.

2. Mark Ruffalo/The Hulk: It might have taken Mark Ruffalo over 200 auditions to land his first role, but now he is rolling with the big ones. When he was in school, the first image, he probably never knew he was one day going to portray the big green angry guy in The Avengers.

3. Tom Hiddleston/Loki: Back in England years ago Tom Hiddleston was a little boy with an adorable and infectious smile. Who knew that he was going to grow up and get cast as one of everyone’s favorite heroes, and sometimes villain? You definitely wouldn’t have guessed that by looking at this photo.

4. Chris Hemsworth/Thor: Chris Hemsworth comes from a family of brothers. Just in case you couldn’t figure out which one he is in the photo on the left, he is the more grown up one holding his brother, Liam, on his lap. Hemsworth went from holding his brother to being Thor God Of Thunder with a challenging brother, Loki.

5. Chris Evans/Captain America: We hate to love those school yearbook photos our parents bought when we were younger. Back in the day, this was Chris Evans looking adorable while posing for his school photo. Evans is now starring in multiple films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and playing on many screens.

6. Chadwick Boseman/Black Panther: We know that this photo isn’t of a little Chadwick Boseman but it is of a younger one. This photo was apparently taken when Boseman was 15-years-old and he is now 4o-years-old. It turns out that Boseman never ages and he is now the King of Wakanda.

7. Elizabeth Olsen/Scarlet Witch: Elizabeth Olsen waited until she was done high school to pursue her dream of acting, and this sure paid off. Since she graduated high school she has been seen in many indie films and then got cast of Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

8. Dave Bautista/Drax The Destroyer: Before Dave Bautista was an actor he was a wrestler. And before he was a wrestler he was this adorable little boy. We are guessing that his wrestling training game in handy because he is now playing one of the strongest men in the galaxy.

9. Benedict Cumberbatch/Doctor Strange: Not much has changed since Benedict Cumberbatch was an adorable little kid. Little did the boy in the left know that one day he’d get to play iconic roles like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange!

10. Scarlett Johansson/Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson has been acting since she was a young child and had a huge breakout role in the film Ghost World. Audiences have since watched Johansson transform into many characters on the screen, but maybe none more famous than Black Widow.

11. Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes: The only thing that has really changed over the years for Sebastian Stan is that he grew out his scruff and hair. But he is still the adorable kid he was back in the day, he’s just a bit more serious when playing Bucky Barnes.

12. Pom Klementieff/Mantis: We usually hate it when people show our childhood photos of us, but we love to see childhood photos of other people. Pom Klementieff has nothing to be embarrassed about because she was a really adorable girl. She brought all that adorableness to her portrayal of Mantis.

13. Paul Rudd/Ant-Man: After seeing this photo we are pretty certain that Paul Rudd has the anti-aging serum. He literally hasn’t changed over the years. Even though Rudd has starred in many films over the years, being cast as Ant-Man has expanded his ever-growing fan base.

14. Zoe Saldana/Gamora: Zoe Saldana was one cute little kid and she is one cute strong woman now. Even though Saldana is still adorable she is portraying the most bad-ass woman in all of the galaxy. She has also made a career out of portraying many powerful and strong female roles.

15. Chris Pratt/Star-Lord: Chris Pratt was one adorable little kid and he grew up to be one adorable man. A lot of fans of the Marvel Comics and Cinematic Universe have said that Pratt was a perfect casting choice to play Star-Lord. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else playing the role!

adorable, photos, avengers, youngYouTube /u/ FunnyPig / Guardians Of The Galaxy (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

16. Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye: If we didn’t know that this was Jeremy Renner as a child then we would not be able to figure it out for ourselves. Renner looks nothing like he did as a child. We wonder if when this photo was taken, Renner was as good at shooting arrows as he is now.


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