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20 Times Kids Movies Let Filthy Jokes Fly By Without Us Knowing

Kids movies are often fun, family-friendly adventures involving talking animals, precocious babies, or any number of silly animated creatures. However, there is actually a lot of adult humor in kids movies. This makes sense. Little kids can’t go to the theater by themselves, so there have to be some jokes for grown-ups too.

Typically there are adult jokes in movies that kids do not get. They can range from cleverly hidden swear words, to innuendos, to out of date pop cultural references. When adult humor in kids movies is done right though, the results are amazing. Sometimes these jokes even go over people’s heads for years until they revisit the films.

Watching one of your favorite kids movies as an adult and finding the jokes for grown-ups is a fun experience. You can realize how little you understood as a kid. All of these movies had jokes that kids do not get, but as adults, it’s easier to appreciate these sneaky examples of adult humor in kids movies.

1. In Madagascar, Marty is heard saying “Sugar honey iced tea!” Sounds like just a ridiculous exclamation, but just look at the first letter of each word.

2. Sometimes adult humor in kids movies has a scholarly source. For instance when Hercules goes to see a specific play and finds that he can relate to the main character.

3. There’s a joke that kids do not get until later in life in The Rugrats Movie. One baby is upset about his cord being cut, another baby is angry about getting cut somewhere else.

4. Animators can slip adult jokes in movies in a number of ways. Sometimes it’s just a visual cue, such as in The Emperor’s New Groove, where Kronk has pitched himself a tent.

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