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After Catching Man Gang Rape Her Daughter, Woman Stabbed Him To Death

A woman from South Africa who stabbed a man to death and severely injured two others after she caught them allegedly raping her daughter has been told she won’t be facing murder charges. This was followed by a public outcry.

The woman has been dubbed “Lion Mama” by a South African media. She told police that she stabbed the three men in an unoccupied home in the village of Qumbu in the Eastern Cape after she found them attacking her daughter.  

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According to reports, the woman was told about the attack by the 18-year-old cousin of the man who died and tried to call the local police but didn’t receive an answer. As soon as she got there she saw the horrific scene involving her daughter. She found the three men taking turns harming her daughter and she repeatedly stabbed all three until they collapsed.

In order to protect the woman and daughter’s identity, the mother’s name has not been revealed. After she attacked the alleged rapists, the mother comforted her 27-year-old daughter until the police had arrived. She was then arrested and charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder.

People were pretty shocked and angry about the charges that were placed on this woman who was saving her daughter. They weren’t happy with the authorities at all. But on Sunday, the National Prosecution Authority announced that all the charges had been officially dropped, according to local reports.

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