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AJ Styles Shares Heartbreaking Letter He Received From The Father Of A Fan

AJ Styles is not only a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s also a guy with a big heart who truly cares about his fans, and it’s clear that his fans feel the same way about him too.  

AJ Styles recently re-tweeted a heartwarming and emotional letter which he received from the father of one of his fans. The letter is about a young boy and huge wrestling fan named Nick Bongiovanni, who had received a pair of tickets to a WWE event for Christmas. It turns out that Nicky wasn’t able to make the show because his Nana had passed away. Nick gave the tickets to a friend and went to Florida for the funeral.


In the letter, Nick’s father described a moment when they actually ran into AJ Styles at the airport around the time Nicky’s Nana had passed away. Nicky told AJ about his Nana and AJ immediately stopped to chat with Nick and take a picture with him. Nicky’s dad explained that this moment was a moment Nicky couldn’t stop talking about. He was absolutely ecstatic about the encounter.

In January, Nicky experienced an accident and was left brain dead. Before he the accident, Nicky and his father had planned on writing a letter to AJ to say thanks, but Nicky passed away before they could get it done.

“I don’t know if this will ever reach you, but I promised my boy I would try,” Nicky’s Father wrote in the letter. Nicky passed away just hours after AJ received the letter.  

AJ shared a link to the GoFundMe page created by the Bongiovanni family, which was created to help with the costs of Nicky’s medical bills and funeral. The page actually passed what the goal was just 12 hours after AJ posted the letter. AJ’s post read: “It’s not what you do inside the ring, it’s what u do outside of it. I am thankful for this moment with Nicky.”


And we’re thankful that good people like AJ Styles still exist in this world.

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