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This Mom From Alabama Was Shocked To Find Her Son Inside A Daycare Closet


Parents are forced to leave their children with someone they trust when they inevitably have to return back to work after a maternity or paternity leave. However, not every couple has the luxury of having a set of in-laws that live nearby who can also double as babysitters.

For that matter, babysitters, day cares, and camp counselors are employed to take care of these young children. But sometimes it is precisely the people that you have faith in that can erode your trust.

A daycare in Alabama was found to have locked a child in a closet.

Read more to find out.

Sydney Zimmerman is a mother from Phenix City, Alabama. She recently filed charges against a daycare after finding out her son had been locked in a closet.

When Sydney went to pick up her 2-year-old son a little earlier than scheduled, she found her baby boy trapped in a closet.

Sydney’s son, Slade, was placed inside of a closed closet, without any air conditioning, food or water, and was strapped to a car seat that did not belong to him.


Sydney said that her son just looked up at her with pleading eyes and said: ‘mama.’

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She rescued her son and then left to call the police. In an interview, she said: ‘he could have overheated and died.’


The daycare owner, Cindy Duman told Sydney that one of her employees. Mary Pruett, had put Slade in the closet because he refused to sleep.

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Sydney fears that this wasn’t the first time Slade has been trapped inside a closet. Since a police investigation, Sydney found out that the daycare operated without a license. She said: ‘I don’t wish this on anyone.’

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She has since pressed charges for child endangerment, child neglect and operating a business without a license.

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