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Chris Baker Has Created New Beatles Memorial Album Cover for Deceased Celebrities in 2017

For those of you who don’t know who Chris Barker is, he’s a British graphic designer who created a poster honoring the iconic, famous Beatles cover art for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, showing all the celebs who passed away in 2016. This year, he’s done it again.

But this time, it was important for him to reflect on the concerns of 2017. He posted the cover art on his Twitter, writing: “Seems as good any time as any to post this. #sgtpepper2017.” It came to him after Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. election. He sat down and started making a montage that summed up how strange of a year it’s been.

The montage ended up paying a homage to the passing of a number of celebrities. Once he tweeted it out, it was in no time that the image circulated online. Barker told the Star in an email, “This image was never made with publication in mind. It was kind of a cathartic thing for me…”

According to the Star, Barker noted that for the last month, he’s been receiving “lists and lists of international personalities” that he didn’t include in the art. But the photo is by no means exhaustive.

He told the news source, “They keep sending me lists of people I’ve missed. I simply can’t add everyone in the whole world from every walk of life who died this year, really, can I?”

But since he created the art in November, he’s added more and more people who have passed away. Barker said it would’ve felt rude not to include them in this artwork. He noted that people just keep piling on…unfortunately.

So who exactly is included in there? Well, you have Tom Petty, Adam West, Gordon Kaye, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Fats Domino, Sir Roger Moore, Hugh Hefner, and John Hurt and many more.

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