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Amal Clooney Steps Out In Silky Green Dress For Date Night With Husband George

As if we didn’t need more reasons to crush on the gorgeous human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney went out on her date in a head-turning green gown.

Clooney is a heartthrob for far more than her good looks. While most people know her for her marriage to an actor way less cool than she is (Garret Clooney? Grant Clooney? Greg Clooney? Something like that, anyway) she’s defended clients in New York, London and the Hague, taught law at Columbia, and worked on human-rights commissions at the United Nations. Also, she’s wicked stylish. If you’re not fanning yourself a little at this point, I question your taste.

The new mother of two went out on the town with her husband in a beautiful dress. The gown, a bright piece with flair details, paired well with the metallic shoes she wore with it. It was a chance for her and George to take a break from looking after their twins, and a chance for her to flaunt her well-documented stylishness.

Here, in no particular order, are her other eight best looks:

1. The Jackie O: Throwback Thursday! Clooney wows with her homage to early 60’s icon Jackie O, from her candy-colored suit set to her cats-eye sunglasses. Perfect for taking on a courtroom without sacrificing an ounce of style.

2. Modern Update: Same decade, different look. Here, Clooney rocks a more mod outfit, a la Twiggy, and proves that black and white doesn’t have to be boring. And her subtle maroon boots give an unexpected kick to the already awesome outfit.

3. Weekend Looks: Clooney clearly knows how to dress down as much as she knows how to dress up. Her gorgeous leather riding boots and casual jacket are a stylish take on maternity wear, and her soft, cowl-neck sweater warms at the same time it looks cool.

4. Rosebud: Before I praise this gorgeous dress, I’d like to emphasize that Clooney is here at the United Nations alongside refugee Nadia Murad to urge the organization to take a stand against the human rights abuses that ISIS is responsible for. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she looks gorgeous! But honestly, if you’re looking for reasons to crush on Clooney based on this picture, the dress isn’t even in the top ten.

5. Moto-Chique: Clooney kindly escorts this unknown old man who has just returned from his fishing trip, and looks great doing it in an edgy moto-jacket-and-ripped-jeans combo toned down by the delicate lace of her shirt. Also, any outfit can be improved by the presence of an adorable puppy.

6. Hippie Looks: Although Clooney takes a lot of her stylistic inspiration from the 1960’s, the 70’s is also a good look for her, as proven by this supersaturated hippie ensemble that pairs DIY-look jeans with a lemon-yellow crop-top.

7. Roman Holiday: Who said that matchy-matchy was out? Clooney’s smart ensemble, donned on her wedding weekend, might inspire even the most matching-averse fashionista to line up her lipstick with her dress.

8. Swan Lake: I think I’ve saved the best for last; in this red carpet appearance, Clooney looks like some kind of bird princess wistfully looking out at the skies she used to roam. The simplicity of her outfit underscores the gorgeous texture of both her hair and the downy fringe of her dress… Also, Giovanni looks nice too. I guess.


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