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The Difference Between Amateur Photography And Professional Showcased By The Same Backgrounds

A talented photographer can create art of even the most mundane settings. However, a lot of aspiring photographers think they need to travel to visually stimulating places like New York City or London to get the most striking shot.  

Award-winning photographer, Vijce, has been sharing his knowledge of street photography with workshops to help those looking to learn the craft. One lesson he’s been trying to impart is that even uglier locations can be a breeding ground for stunning photos.

To show how a great photograph can come from a drab setting, Vijce brought his camera to a seemingly uninspired subway station and proved that a unique angle and an ardent vision can bring it to life.

To give some scope, Vijce shared an amateur picture of the same setting he would shoot professionally. The lack of color and ordinariness of the subway doesn’t inspire much creative drive to the average person, but Vijce would argue otherwise.

“To be honest, I’ve captured my street photos in the ugliest of all places,” Vijce wrote in an article for PetaPixel. “Sure, it’s a bit more challenging to find the extraordinary in the ordinary … but isn’t that what street photography is all about?”

Vijce managed to produce some captivating photos of a bland subway entrance by utilizing various unconventional angles, playing with the available lighting, working with reflections, and embracing the location’s lines and shapes.

“The more time I spent at the location, the more moments I discovered,” Vijce wrote. “Make sure to reduce your street photos to what’s absolutely essential.”

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