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16 Amazingly Beautiful Ideas For Your Next Manicure


Manicures make our nails look pretty and shapely, and also help us flaunt our own unique style. They add style and spunk to our look and can also show a more creative, fun side to our personalities. Whether you like the french manicure look or the matte look, all sorts of nail styles are pretty, fun and unique, and are a great way to show off who we are.

If you get your nails done on the regular, you may find that sometimes you resort to the same color, shape or style every time you go. Or it may just be that you’re running out of ideas and looking for some new ones.

If you never miss your weekly or monthly nail appointment and are looking for some new ideas to spice up your nail routine, you’ll love these 16 amazingly beautiful ideas for your next manicure.

1. Matte V: This gorgeous matte look is not only appealing to the eye, but also artistically beautiful. The gems add a nice little touch and make the nails stand out.

2. Black and Blue: If you’re not a fan of long nails, this simple yet classy black and blue nail style may be perfect for you.

3. Glitter: You can’t ever go wrong with glitter. It’s sparkly, fun and perfect for a special occasion.

4. Bejeweled: If you like adding a little bit of flare to your nail designs but aren’t a fan of glitter, bejeweled nails might work for you.

5. Lil Red Heart: If you like keeping things simple but also enjoy going outside of the box to make your nails look cute, you’ll like the little red heart style.

6. Triangles: If you’re feeling fearless and really want to step outside of the box for your next manicure, try out this unique triangle-shaped manicure.

7. Navy Blue: If you like the matte look and love the color blue, try out this gorgeous navy blue matte manicure that will leave your hands looking fabulous.

8. Ombré: Ombré isn’t just a hue you can use on your hair! You can use all sorts of Ombré hues on your nails which will really make them stand out.

9. Floating Tips: If you’re looking for something different than just a regular solid color on your nails, try out this floating tips style. You can use all sorts of color combinations, so feel free to be as creative as you please!

10. Geometric Designs: If you liked the triangle design, you’ll love this geometric design for your next manicure.

11. Middle Stripe: If you want to set yourself apart from your friends, try out this unique middle stripe manicure.

12. Hearts: This heart-shaped manicure is bound to get you some attention, and is perfect for a special occasion with your significant other.

13. Pearl: If you like charms or glitter but want to change it up, try this gorgeous pearl design the next time you go in for a manicure.

14. Gray Ombré: This nail design is classy, chic, and flawless. If you like the look of the longer nails but find that you always do the same style, try out this unique look.

15. Ruffian: This manicure has a little bit of everything…from the length, to the pearl, to the design of and placement of the two colors. It’s definitely a look for a night out in the town.

16. The Silver Dollar: If you like everything shiny and extravagant, this silver matte manicure may be right up your alley.



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