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Americans Trying To Flee To Canada Encounter Unexpected Roadblocks

As the election votes rolled in on November 8th, Hillary supporters must have been shocked when Trump took the lead. In fact, it appears that some voters even considered moving to Canada as a result of the election. Consequently, the Government of Canada’s immigration website crashed the night of the election results. 

 Even though votes were still being counted, citizens who voted for anyone other than Trump were overwhelmed with the possibility of having the businessman as the President-elect. At roughly 9 PM ET that night, CNN announced that several swing states, including Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, could vote in Trump’s favor.


With Trump in the lead, this prompted people to research how to move out of the country. But we must say, we kind of saw this coming. According to Google data editor Simon Rogers, searches for “how can I move to Canada” spiked 350% during the Super Tuesday event in March.

Similar searches like “how to move from the U.S. to Canada” have also spiked following March’s Super Tuesday, some searches are up 455% from February! With so many Trump refugees looking for a way to escape the country, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website was unable to handle the high traffic.

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