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European TV Comedy Show Perfectly Illustrates America’s Gun Problem

Arjen Henrik Lubach is a Dutch comedian, television presenter, actor, producer, screenwriter and also an author. The 39-year-old hosts a weekly news satire television show called Sunday with Lubach (Zondag met Lubach, in its native tongue). The show recently created a Public Service Announcement on the NRA. But not the NRA that we are so familiar with in the United States (and the rest of the Western world), rather it is an NRA that stands for Nonsensical Rifle Addiction.


In this mock PSA, the news outlet tries to call on Europeans to step up and help the Americans. These Europeans were asked to provide money for ‘water, blankets, facts, insights, statistics and truth bombs.’

The PSA poked fun at Americans who have a ‘nonsensical rifle addiction.’ The announcement went on to say that the NRA is a constitutional disorder that causes ‘patients to shoot people.’ It also showed that 24,000 people get injured and 11,000 people die from gunshot wounds every year.

The PSA estimates that about 40 American citizens die every day due to gun violence. It goes on to explain how most Americans start off with an ‘innocent Colt’ and then slowly move up to shotguns, sniper rifles and M-16’s.

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The mock newscast goes on to state that NRA is highly contagious and that most parents tend to pass this sort of ideology onto their children. The show goes on to say how this Nonsensical Rifle Addiction is only apparent in the US and how it is ‘unable to cross the ocean or the Canadian border.’


However, the satirical show ends on a rather educational note. After listing all the benefits of donating to this fake charity, with ‘bullet’ points, of course, the sketch goes on to say that it is not bullet points that kill people, rather it is ignorance.

In conclusion, the boastful commentator reads: ‘Let’s help the American people fire congressmen instead of guns. Say Nay to the NRA.’

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