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24 Hilarious Anarchists Who Couldn’t Care Less About Rules

Living in a society, it’s pretty obvious we have to follow rules.

Some of them are pretty obvious, like not putting anyone in harm’s way…if you do, there are consequences.

Then there are more minor rules that people take a little less seriously.

1. Let’s face it, we can’t always be the perfect citizens who obey every single little rule. It can honestly get so exhausting and there are some people that like to do things that might be somewhat crazy and somewhat rebellious. And then there are people who have a huge talent for breaking the rules in a pretty hilarious, creative way that it’s difficult to be mad or annoyed by them. Here are 25 photos of these funny pranksters. It’s really worth seeing them from beginning to end, each one getting more and more clever. These aren’t supposed to inspire any new rule breakers, but it’ll definitely give you a good laugh during your workday. Check out this first photo. When you were in school, teachers took it pretty seriously that you return the markers you used during class. But this person decided to send them the message to lighten up a little…hopefully, they didn’t get into too much trouble!


2. This person is clearly an exhausted student who decided to take a break from the books and take a clever photo in front of the school’s library. No food, no alcohol, no smoking, no phones? No problem, let’s do ALL those things and take a picture while we’re at it!

3. Sometimes, rules can be written so poorly that they beg people to make a joke out of it. Take a look at this sign. How could anyone NOT post different photos of famous Bills on this sign? This person had a lot of guts…and a killer sense of humor. Wonder how long it took them to post each of these photos and if they got caught!

4. No China on Patio? What does that even mean? Well, this girl decided to do literally the opposite of what this sign says. I didn’t even know this was a rule…but clearly, it was meant to be broken. This girl decided to casually grab a drink and sip it right in front of this ridiculous rule.

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