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24 Hilarious Anarchists Who Couldn’t Care Less About Rules

Living in a society, it’s pretty obvious we have to follow rules.

Some of them are pretty obvious, like not putting anyone in harm’s way…if you do, there are consequences.

Then there are more minor rules that people take a little less seriously.

1. Let’s face it, we can’t always be the perfect citizens who obey every single little rule. It can honestly get so exhausting and there are some people that like to do things that might be somewhat crazy and somewhat rebellious. And then there are people who have a huge talent for breaking the rules in a pretty hilarious, creative way that it’s difficult to be mad or annoyed by them. Here are 25 photos of these funny pranksters. It’s really worth seeing them from beginning to end, each one getting more and more clever. These aren’t supposed to inspire any new rule breakers, but it’ll definitely give you a good laugh during your workday. Check out this first photo. When you were in school, teachers took it pretty seriously that you return the markers you used during class. But this person decided to send them the message to lighten up a little…hopefully, they didn’t get into too much trouble!


2. This person is clearly an exhausted student who decided to take a break from the books and take a clever photo in front of the school’s library. No food, no alcohol, no smoking, no phones? No problem, let’s do ALL those things and take a picture while we’re at it!

3. Sometimes, rules can be written so poorly that they beg people to make a joke out of it. Take a look at this sign. How could anyone NOT post different photos of famous Bills on this sign? This person had a lot of guts…and a killer sense of humor. Wonder how long it took them to post each of these photos and if they got caught!

4. No China on Patio? What does that even mean? Well, this girl decided to do literally the opposite of what this sign says. I didn’t even know this was a rule…but clearly, it was meant to be broken. This girl decided to casually grab a drink and sip it right in front of this ridiculous rule.

5. Rules in the kitchen could be a little bit frustrating. You want to be able to use any fork for whatever meal, or any knife to cut whatever foods. This person had enough, and decided to use a knife meant for cheese for something a little…smellier…hopefully whoever owns this knife didn’t mind TOO much.

6. “No smoking alcohol”…I’m sorry but that rule BEGS for someone to make a joke out of it. Grammar is key for signs, otherwise, people will be too tempted to take a funny photo in front of it. This guy did a good job in portraying what the sign says, in case anyone was confused by it.

7. Breaking the rule in order to make the rule is pretty funny. If I was an employee at this job, I probably would also not only take a photo of this rule but also break it by printing another useless slip that said the word “ok” on it. I mean c’mon…it is pretty funny.  

8. Are seats being reserved for people in a really good mood? Well, that’s not fair. What if you are having an off day and you really want to sit in that seat? This guy clearly had no problem breaking this rule and even decided to snap a photo of himself being really “rebellious.” What a daredevil.


9. This is a pretty gory sign. Saying that all stubborn men are going to die? I’m glad a stubborn anarchist decided to step up and represent all the stubborn men out there. Hopefully, they didn’t get into too much trouble for spray painting…it made for a hilarious photo!

10. When you tell a kid not to do something, chances are they are going to do it…well, most kids. This guy isn’t a kid, but this rule was begging for him to take this photo. I’m pretty sure multiple people took a photo similar to this one. People should really put more effort in writing their signs…especially if they want to be taken seriously.


11. This could be a rule, or it could be a warning, but regardless this person decided to take it LITERALLY. They clearly are obsessed with the movie “Blade”, considering they used the movie DVD to open the box. Wonder if it actually did the job or not….guessing not!

12. Humans aren’t the only people that break rules. Animals do it as well. In fact, they probably couldn’t care less about the rules more than humans. This bird is the biggest rebel out there…wondering if he got arrested or not. Then again, it has the power of wings so I’m almost certain it didn’t get caught.

13. Either this teen looks a little older for his age, or he’s been in that spot for a very, very long time. Regardless, the person who took this photo clearly couldn’t resist and had to take this witty, hilarious photo. Wonder if the man noticed the sign after he got up from studying? If not, he’ll definitely come across this photo online!

14. This stapler was born to be free! The person who saved it decided to take photos of it in multiple places around the world. Hilarious that this person thought of this photo just from this silly, minor rule. Some buildings take their staplers pretty seriously, but this guy showed it an amazing time.

15. Okay, not only humans and animals have rules…Trees have them too. Yes, trees. But hey, they are living things too right? This tree had a strict border to grow in, but it decided to go against the rule and grew around it. I mean, I don’t blame it. That’s a small area to grow in.

16. A book that’s for women only? That’s kind of discriminatory don’t you think? Well, this guy wasn’t going to accept it and decided to pick up the book and read it. And take a photo of himself reading it as well. Wonder if he actually found the book interesting? Wonder if he learned something? Or wonder if it was just to make a point?

17. Not sure that this sign meant what this guy is thinking but hey, made for a funny photo right? But if you’re completely over analyzing this photo, did he actually break the rules. Guessing this sign was mostly made for people who wanted to play catch in this area, or some wall tennis…someone should explain that to him!


18. This person clearly felt it was better to place their straw in the spot NEXT to where it was supposed to be placed. I mean, who made it a rule that you have to put your straw where it says to put it. Maybe the person would rather place it elsewhere! Yes, some people take their juice boxes pretty seriously….

19. I feel kind of bad for this Professor, but hey, being an OG is actually a compliment. But if you aren’t “hip” you wouldn’t get it. But this guy is going to have trouble catching the person who keeps doing it. Pretty hilarious they even placed “og” next to his warning sign. Hopefully, this prof will have a good laugh with it…eventually.

20. You can’t stop an entertainer. This guy didn’t let this safety rule stop him from performing and showing his best new act to people traveling on the subway. He also decided to match the red person in the sign. I actually don’t know if that was coincidental or not…guessing it wasn’t.


21. Well, this girl was doing something that she wasn’t supposed to be doing but hey, she survived. Sure the sign was talking about doing a headstand in the water, but that would be way safer than doing what this girl is doing. Don’t try that at home kids…if you do, make sure to have a ton of pillows around.

22. This woman clearly doesn’t take signs or rules too seriously. I mean, she’s not necessarily breaking any rules but she definitely decided to make a joke out of a sign. Not exactly sure what she’s trying to say in this photo, but she should totally use it if she’s looking for a partner. It’s a great photo to post on Tinder or Bumble, right? Okay, maybe not, maybe not. 


23. This person doesn’t want to stand where the sign says he should stand. Instead, he made it a point to stand directly outside of the square. Sometimes, rules don’t necessarily have a point to them…this rule just might be one of them. Hopefully, he didn’t get into too much trouble. Guess we’ll never know.

24. Certain areas are hard to resist. Sometimes you have to break the rule just to be able to lie down in an area that just looks so tempting and relaxing and gorgeous. This guy was clearly making that point when he took a photo lying in the exact position the sign is telling him not to. Wonder why people can’t be on there!


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