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This Mom Gets Stopped All The Time For Looking So Much Like Angelina Jolie


It’s not surprising to see how some celebrity look-alikes can make a career out of their resemblance to a famous person. If you’ve ever seen a really good Elvis or Michael Jackson impersonator—and I mean a good one—you know just how eerie the feeling is.

The same questions run through our minds: is this impersonator secretly related to the celebrity they look like? How would the celebrity react if they saw themselves reflected in a complete stranger?

Besides the fact that this is the perfect plot to a Parent Trap-like movie where a celebrity lookalike takes the place of the famous person and learns that fame is actually really hard, there are some downsides. People stop you on the street all the time, so you have the random and awkward recognition but without the money and success.

Melissa Brazen can confirm all of this. The mother of two from Hales Corner, Wisconsin looks so much like Angelina Jolie that the internet caught on and many news outlets reached out to her with questions.

Melissa, 34, lives with her partner and children and works as an optical manager.

Every now and then, however, her normal domestic life gets shaken up a bit when people stop her on the street for an autograph and a picture.

The mother of two told the Daily Mail that she’s very self-conscious about her appearance, like any other woman.

But she also says that she can’t deny that the comparison to Angelina Jolie boosted her self-esteem quite a bit.

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