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Angelina Jolie Fan Poses After Undergoing More Than 50 Surgeries To Look Like Her

Sahar Tabar is a 19-year-old woman from Tehran, Iran and she has reportedly undergone more than 50 surgeries in order to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie. She says that she underwent multiple bouts of surgery in order to achieve the sharp cheekbones and full lips that the Tomb Raider actress possesses.

The superfan claims she went through plastic surgery to get the distinctive look but others have accused her of using computer trickery or prosthetics and makeup to achieve the look instead.

Pictures on her Instagram began going viral after some users described her look as ‘zombie-like.’

The Belgian website, Sud Info, has reported that Sahar underwent surgery over the past couple of months to achieve the desired look and that due to the surgery she lost over 88 pounds and now only weighs about 40 kilograms.


However, other people have accused the teen of using photoshop and makeup to look like her idol. It was in a thread on Reddit when users discussed and highlighted portions of her photo which showcase evidence of digital tampering.


In one discussion, there were clear distortions around the teen’s head which showed that the image could have been altered with Photoshop.


Another photo of the 19-year-old, with her cheek piercings in shows the young girl lying on furniture which is evidently warped. Another indication that the image could have been digitally manipulated.

One follower wrote on her picture: ‘I do believe she got plastic surgery, but it’s more or less makeup and extremely exaggerating her features that she got done.’


According to The Daily Mail, Tabar is one of Angelina Jolie’s biggest fans however critics have said that Sahar’s lips appear to be different sizes in different pictures which could point to the use of prosthetics.


In another Reddit post, users pointed to two separate Instagram posts which were uploaded only 24 hours apart.

One showed Sahar with a full face, ‘less upturned nose’ and lips that were less exaggerated whereas the second image shows her with a much more gaunt appearance and much more pronounced facial features.  


Since her pictures have gone viral, Sahar’s Instagram following has shot up by over 60K! On Thursday afternoon she had ‘only’ 365K followers but by the evening she had over 434K followers.


It is unclear whether or not her transformation is for the internet but nearly all her photos are selfies showing her distinct look of pointed cheekbones and pouty lips.


Furthermore, all of Sahar’s photos before her surgery are no longer available on her Instagram. Twitter began digging and found several pictures of Sahar prior to her surgery.

One person tweeted: ‘I know I’m not the best example for self love but please try to love yourself and stop comparing yourself to celebrities. I don’t get it why people try to look exactly like someone else. Copying her character would’ve been better.’


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