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12 Animals Who Didn’t Forget To Thank Their Rescuers

Animals thank their rescuers

We’ve all heard of animal rescue stories. They are stories that capture our hearts and tug on our emotions. For the most part, animals are pretty indifferent when they are rescued for whatever reason. Especially very wild animals. But every so often there are stories where animals thank their rescuers.

Animal shelters are always in need of generous, patient, adopting parents who are willing to put a little extra love into some dogs who came from abusive homes or were left astray. However, what about other animals in the wild that might need some extra love?

The following 12 animals come from every part of the globe, and miraculously they also manage to thank their rescuers in their own little way.

1) This squirrel named Bella has been visiting the Brantley for the last 8 years after they found her injured from an owl. It took them 5 months to nurse the squirrel back to health before they said goodbye and released her into the wild. However, Bella wasn’t so easily dissuaded. She comes to visit them every day!

2) This rescued swan was stuck in a fence for several hours before her rescuer Richard Weeze came and found a way to release her. She showed her thanks by wrapping herself around his neck. Very un-swan like behavior, as we’d expect them to hiss at you and try to kill you.

3) During a cold spell, this elderly woman gave out food to this large wild deer. It now visits regularly to show its appreciation… and also to fil its tummy.

4) Often, Vet Techs are feared by our pets because of needles or any other traumatic experiences that might follow. However, this good boy decided to show his thanks to his Vet for doing a good job by giving him little head cuddles. So cute!

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