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Anna Faris Explains Why She Feels Chris Pratt Was Never Her Best Friend


Marriage is hard. Marriage requires a lot of work, patience, and dedication and even with all of that time and effort put in, it doesn’t mean that a particular marriage is meant to last. This is something that your regular day, average joe goes through and maybe even your favorite celebrity.

It’s officially been a month since Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their separation and upset fans all around the globe. Although the split couple haven’t opened up about their split recently, fans are getting an insight into their relationship via Faris’ upcoming memoir Unqualified.

While the couple may not be together any more, Pratt did write the foreword for the memoir and Faris goes into detail about her relationship with Pratt. The full novel won’t be out until October 24 but if you can’t wait until then here’s an excerpt from the book Faris shared with Cosmopolitan.

Faris opens up about the importance of female friendships in her memoir and discusses the way that people view married couples searching for friendship.

“I was once told I didn’t need a tight group of girl friends because Chris should be my best friend,” the excerpt reads. “But I never bought into that. The idea of your mate being your best friend — it’s overhyped.”

While Faris notes that her relationship with Pratt was special and unique in it’s own way, she also makes it clear that there was no way he could’ve replaced her female best friends.

In another part of the excerpt, Faris writes, “I really believe that your partner serves one purpose and each friend serves another. There’s the friend you confess things to and the friend with whom you do the listening.”

Faris continues on in the excerpt to say, “Or this is the person I talk to when I’m feeling sad and lonely, this is the person I talk to about work s**t, and this is the friend I’m still in touch with because we grew up together.”

Faris’ Mom co-star, Allison Janey gets a special mention in the excerpt has being one of her closest friends.

Faris notes that she thinks it’s unhealthy to turn to your partner for every one thing as it puts an unrealistic pressure on them to be perfect and be there for you in all the ways that you need.

Sounds like Faris has retained a strong support system with those beliefs, which she said has been a huge help through this stressful and challenging time in her life.


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