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Apache Helicopter Shows Off In Front Of Military Convoy

The American government has spent billions of dollars on their military so you can expect to see some next level weaponry and vehicles in combat. According to Business Insider, the US had a declared military and defense budget of $601 billion in the year 2015, making the budget more than the next 7 highest spending countries combined! So what exactly does the U.S. have in store?  

In this video, viewers get to see an Apache helicopter show off its stuff for convoy. The video begins with the helicopter flying out into the open skies but then quickly turns back around and heads towards the camera’s direction.


The camera man is stationed on a moving vehicle capturing the aircraft throughout its flight. During this time, the helicopter is seen chasing the car and attempting to back up. Viewers hear an excited man in the background who is explaining what’s going on.

As the copter gets closer, the guys in the vehicle become more excited. They’re giggling like little school girls while the Apache helicopter is right on their tail! At this point, the guys are howling and cheering as the chopper is practically side-by-side with the four-wheeled automobile.

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