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This App Digitally Removes Makeup From Your Face, And Here Is How Some Celebs Look


Makeup is a fun way to express oneself, as well as a great tool to conceal any flaws such as scarring or acne. Most celebrities will wear some form of makeup whether it be subtle and natural, or a statement such as Adele’s signature eyeliner or Taylor Swift’s red lip.

Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite celebs would look like without the makeup? Thanks to the app ‘MAKEAPP’ which uses AI technology to digitally remove or add makeup to any face, you can now find out!

Some of these celebrities look pretty much the same when the makeup is wiped off, and others look completely different! I wonder how close to reality some of these are.

Here are 12 celebrities that look stunning with and without makeup.

1. Taylor Swift: Would you recognize her as Taylor Swift without the cute winged eyeliner and red lipstick? It’s strange to think that her lips aren’t always that bright. 

2. Margot Robbie: Her makeup is already pretty subtle, so there isn’t much of a difference here. Slightly less sharp eyebrows and her eyes aren’t as defined, but still beautiful!

3. Mia Khalifa: Again, not the biggest change here. It’s nice to see that some stars keep their makeup pretty natural and aren’t hiding anything.

4. Natalie Dormer: Lots of women tend to get asked if they’re feeling under the weather or tired when they aren’t wearing makeup. I guess when you’re always used to seeing someone one way, it can be a bit hard to pinpoint the difference. Unless you’re a woman who also frequently wears makeup.

5. Jennifer Lawrence: Do you think Jennifer looks older or younger when she takes her makeup off? She looks fierce either way.

6. Gal Gadot: Of course the actress playing Wonder Woman still looks fierce and gorgeous without her makeup on. 

7. Katy Perry: It looks like the app might have missed a few spots on Katy’s glittery eyes. Something doesn’t look quite right in the after shot.

8. Miley Cyrus: For those of you who grew up watching Hannah Montana on the Disney channel, seeing Miley without makeup is probably more nostalgic than surprising.

9. Amanda Cerny: This actress and internet celeb doesn’t always coat on the makeup and opts for more natural looks. Not much of a difference here! Naturally gorgeous.

10. Kate Upton: Sometimes celebrities use makeup to alter the shape of their face to give the appearance of sharper features. Looks like that isn’t the case for Kate! Her jaw and cheeks are just as fierce in the after shot. 

11. Emma Watson: I have a feeling that Emma Watson probably has a bit more color in her cheeks and face than the app displayed. She looks a little dehydrated in the after shot.

12. Emilia Clarke: Something about Emilia without her makeup on is kind of refreshing. She should rock the natural look more often, it suits her!


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