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Apple Fires iPhone X Engineer After Daughter’s Video Goes Viral

Brooke Amelia Peterson is a YouTube vlogger and just like all the other vloggers, the goal is always to create a viral video. However, the way that Brooke’s video reached ‘viral’ status was not the way she envisioned. Brooke went with her father, who was a former Apple employee, to an Apple campus in order to see the unreleased iPhone X. Just like any good vlogger, Brooke had to capture this glorious moment. However, it seems like her viral video has cost her father a job.


Brooke recently went on her YouTube channel to discuss her latest viral video. It was on this video where she went to visit her father at an Apple campus. She was filming and taking pictures of the unreleased iPhone X and apparently because of this her father has now been fired as a result of that video.

Apparently, Apple had requested her to remove the video but by that time, her video had spread to a wide variety of websites and had reached viral status on YouTube. (Her video was one of the top 5 on the trending tab of YouTube.)

The video footage included things like special employee-only QR codes, and also a notes app that was opened which revealed the code names of several unreleased Apple products.

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