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The Internet Is Furious After iPhone Conspiracy Ends Up Being True

For all of you tech enthusiasts, the Apple software upgrade conspiracy that has been going around for some time has officially been confirmed. In a statement released by the company, it was verified that Apple slows down older phones in order to preserve the battery on the phone.

Many people have noticed a decline in the performance of their phones which causes them to slow down when a new IOS update is installed. The theory maintains that Apple slows down older phones in order to force people to buy one of the newer iPhones.

An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that the software upgrade conspiracy is true – the IOS updates do slow down your phone if you have an iPhone 6, 6s, or 5se. However, Apple claims that it’s not for the reason that some people suspect. Apple maintains that what happens with the older models is that the battery peaks sometimes as it gets older, causing the phones to shut down.

The spokeswoman explains that to prevent this from happening, Apple slows down older phones by sending out an update that will slow the phone down but prevent that battery from peaking and shutting down. In other words, the software update is intended to keep the phone running for as long as possible.

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