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A Popular Adult Site’s April Fools’ Joke This Year Was Hilariously Evil


Since the dawn of the age of the internet, the interwebs has predominantly been used for adult material. Whether it be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material or simply images, videos or GIFS that are a little raunchy in nature, the internet is filled with provocative subjects. This is a typical manifestation of whether the chicken or the egg came first. Did the internet create the philosophy that ‘sex sells’ or did that advertising slogan promote the internet into what it is today?

There is a wide range of adult websites currently out there, and like any other website, they all keep track of what their users do.

On April 1st, the most popular adult site in the world decided to play a nasty but hilarious joke on its millions of viewers. Read on to find out how they did it.

The website recently released some statistics on the data that they accumulated. In 2016, users watched over 92 billion dirty videos which accumulate to about 4.6 billion hours of adult video watching.

Approximately 99 gigabytes worth of material were streamed PER SECOND, which amounts to nearly 6 terabytes per minute. This equates to 194 million USB sticks being filled!

The top countries to have had the most page views per capita are the United States at number one, followed by Iceland, then the UK and then Canada.


New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands round out the top ten.


But on April Fools’ Day, the developers behind this popular website decided to prank their users. With their millions of viewers on a daily basis, it is safe to presume that a couple of people got a fright.


Every time a user clicked on a video, the site would prompt a pop up that would notify the user that the video had been shared on their Facebook page. (Evil right?!)


So you can see why some people might have been quite frightened at this unforgiving prank.


The website decided to trick all their users into thinking that the video they were about to watch would be posted onto their social media account.


I’m sure this sudden turn of events gave everyone a jump in their seats and certainly did wonders in dampening the mood.


The pop-up message would notify the user that they had ‘successfully shared’ their chosen video. The pop up read: ‘thanks for sharing. [Our website] now has automatic video sharing to your social media accounts.’


It continued by saying: ‘no need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary sharing feature does it for you! Automatically!’


Luckily, the pop-up message also came with an option labeled ‘WTF, Reverse this now!’ Clicking that button would help reveal that it was all just a cruel albeit funny joke.


However, this was not the first time the adult film site decided to ‘celebrate’ some noteworthy holidays. On Saint Patrick’s Day, they charted a number of drunken spelling errors that occurred in their search engines.

Then they looked into Ireland and which regions of Ireland preferred what genre of adult material.


Then on March 14, when a winter storm rolled through North America, the popular adult website decided to track the uptick in viewers and duration of the views. They noticed significant traffic increases in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, all between 14 to 20 percent increases.


And then on International Women’s Day, March 8, developers tracked the difference between female and male viewers. The statistics showcased that women account for just over a quarter of the visitors on the site. Moreover, it is interesting to note that women are much more likely to view NSFW material on their mobile devices than men.



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