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Are You Able To Score Even 5 Out Of 10 In This Quiz?


If there is one thing that you should be doing at least once a day, it’s a quick brain exercise. Whether it be solving a word problem or playing a quick IQ game, there are several ways to test your intelligence and keep your brain working.

The brain is the most important muscle in the body, so it’s just important that it gets a workout and gets its proper use each day.

One of the quickest ways to give your brain a quick boost is to take a short quiz. There are tons of IQ quizzes out there that are fun and will test your mind.

Here are ten tricky questions that you might not know the answer to! See how many you can get right without using google. The question will be the first point and the answer will follow, so don’t scroll too quickly!

1. Out of the following locations, which one is constantly covered in ice? Greenland, Iceland, Canada, or China?

Do you know the answer? The first one is a pretty easy one, it’s actually more of a warm up. So if you guessed Greenland you’re correct! This one is designed to throw you off so you chose Iceland when in actuality it’s Greenland that’s quite icy.

2. Do you know which country has the capital of Jakarta? Is it Venezuela, Indonesia, India, or Australia? Remember no using google, and no looking at a map! How much do you know about the geography of the world?

Did you get it? The answer is Indonesia! Did you know that one for real or did you have to cheat?

3. Are you a computer whiz? Do you think that you know what ‘DOS’ stands for in computer lingo? Is it ‘disk operational standard’, ‘disk optimum standard’, ‘disk operating system’, or ‘dual optimum system’?

Did you think you know? The correct term that DOS stands for is ‘disk operating system’

4. Familiar with fairy tales? Do you remember which famous character had the power of spinning straw into gold? Was it, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin or Sleeping Beauty?

Do you remember? There actually haven’t been that many versions of this fairy tale in the way that Disney has made, so the answer is Rumpelstiltskin!

5. History time! Do you know which strong young woman helped drive the English from French soil in the 15th century? Was it Harriet Tubman, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, or Hellen Keller?

Think you know it? The answer is Joan of Arc! France has a holiday in honor of her and she is considered a heroine of France.

6. Do you know which family of musical instruments the tuba belongs to? Is it a part of the strings, woodwinds, percussion, or brass?

iq11 pexels

Did you get it right? Some of you might have said ‘woodwinds’ but that’s not the case! The tuba is actually a part of the Brass family!

7. Do you know which of the following fascist leaders was called ‘Il Duce’ by the people who followed him? Was it Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin, or Engelbert Dollfuss? No googling!

iq13 wikipedia

Know who it is? The answer it Benito Mussolini. Duce is an Italian term derived from the Latin word dux and is related to the word duke.

8. Are you a sports fan? Do you know which sport Chris Evert Lloyd is famous for? Is it Tennis, Baseball, Football, or Cricket? See if you can come up with an answer on your own.

Did the gender neutral name throw you off? Now known as Christine Marie, ‘Chris’ Evert-Lloyd was a famous tennis player and was the former number 1 professional player in the US.

9. What title does the leader of Mexico hold? Is it the president, prime minister, king, or emperor?

Here is the answer: The man or woman who is the leader of Mexico holds the title of president, just like many other places in the world.

10. Do you know which country the last name Nguyen is the most popular in? Is it China, Taiwan, Japan, or Vietnam?  

Did you get it? This one might have been a little tricky if you aren’t familiar with the different countries of Asia. The answer to this one is Vietnam! How did you do? Let us know what you scored in the comments.


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