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Japanese Photographer Has Taken Photos of Twin Girls From Iceland Every Year to Show Their Transformation From Children to Teenagers

Japanese photographer Ariko Inaoka traveled to Iceland to capture the unique landscape the country has to offer. However, it was a pair of Icelandic twins that kept her coming back every year after.

Inaoka first met Erna and Hrefna when they were only six years old during a fashion shoot. Something about the two girls stuck with Ariko and the identical duo quickly became the photographer’s new muses.

Ariko’s fascination with the twins inspired her to start a new ongoing project. Inaoka decided to visit Iceland every summer to photograph the pair and capture the unique bond they have with each other over a period of five years.

Ariko Inaoka grew up in Kyoto, Japan, but moved to the United States when she was 17 years old. Her love for photography blossomed after she became inspired to take up the craft after seeing her roommate constantly carrying around a camera. Her studies eventually took her to Iceland for a project on landscape and water.

During her trip to the Nordic country, Inaoka decided to do a fashion shoot for some extra income. One of her best friends from Iceland spotted her future muses, Erna and Hrefna, at a local swimming pool and invited them to a casting session.

Inaoka was instantly enchanted by the Icelandic twins and they inspired an entirely new project for the photographer. “I met them when they were 6 years old,” Inaoka told P3. ‘When they were 8 I made an 8mm short film. I only began photographing them for this project when they were nine.”

After Inaoka’s project idealized, she returned to Reykjavik every summer to photograph them again. Her fascination stemmed from the mysterious nature of the intense connection the twins share and how that can change during the transition from infancy to adolescence.

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