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This Town In Arizona Is Modeled After Bedrock From The Flintstones, These Are The Hilarious Pictures And Details


Do you remember the classic cartoon about the modern stone age family, The Flinstones? Depending on how old you are, you’ll either remember the cartoon that’s been off the air for almost 50 years, or you’ll think of those multicolored children’s vitamins.

Well, those vitamins came from a show that used to be quite popular. So popular, in fact, that it had its own theme park with buildings and houses designed to replicate those seen within the mythical world of Bedrock.

This Ghost town of an amusement park still has a handful of employees. Every now and again, the odd guest will stroll through, taking in the multi-colored houses and attractions that exist within the highway 66 roadside attraction.

So, without any further ado, here are some photos from the 40-year-old Flintstones theme park.

Truly locked in the past, this theme park looks like it has barely changed since opening in 1966. Its sistering location in South Dakota closed in 2015, but so far the Arizona location is still standing strong.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.31.00 AM wimp

Although it only counts with occasional visitors coming out to the desert park, Bedrock City might have to consider packing up for good as well.

So, try and visit it while you still can. Open 364 days a year, visitors can come to the prehistoric city for an entry fee of just five dollars. It features a giant dinosaur you can take a slide down, just like Fred Flinstone did each morning in the show.

The park’s website, which is also living in the earlier stages of the internet, welcomes guests to spend an hour or a night at their campground where they can participate in games and entertainment.

Visitors can walk through the multicolored city modeled after Bedrock and take photos with their favorite characters. Check out Barney and Betty Rubble’s house. You can definitely tell that Betty was sculpted quite a while ago. Everything still looks like it’s in great condition.

Here’s an inside view. It has the same yellow interior and zebra print patterned curtains that exist in the cartoon.

Instead of foot pedaling, park visitors used to be able to drive around the grounds in this golf cart style train. Now that’s a good way to travel.

Here is Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s house. You can almost hear the ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ echoing from the walls of the rock house. You can even see Dino’s food bowl.

Here’s the Bedrock grocery store. Visitors can wander through the aisles and pretend they are shopping alongside the modern prehistoric characters.

Here’s a peek inside at some of the shelves that are still stocked with artificial cacti and other ‘prehistoric foods.’ Do you think cactus juice would taste good? 

And here is a look inside Fred and Wilma’s house. It features the classic record player as well as more animal print curtains.

Check out Fred’s Diner, which still serves a cup of five-cent coffee. If there’s a reason to go to this park, it’s definitely the extremely affordable prices. Recommendations are Fred’s favorite foods which include Bronto Burgers, Chickasaurus Dinner, Fishasaurus Sandwich, and a dessert of Gravelberry Pie.

Here is the barber shop. Don’t worry, people don’t actually offer prehistoric hair cuts here, this is just another building to be wandered through.

Here is the Bedrock Theatre. Inside, Flinstone’s cartoons have been on repeat for over 40 years. So if you want to catch up on the classic, make sure you hit up the theater if you’re visiting the park.

Here’s the Goatasaurus pen. Could you imagine the world where humans and prehistoric creatures actually lived side by side? Would you want to have a pet dinosaur?

And of course, the Bedrock school. Don’t forget to swing by the classroom.

There’s also the yellow school bus where kids can play in. Could you imagine if they made an entire theme park of cartoons that are popular today? How about an Adventure Time or Gravity Falls theme park?

More houses to wander through. This really is the size of a small town. Visitors are even welcome to park their RV’s and camp out overnight.

Don’t forget to stop by the Post Office.

It truly is and interesting place. While it’s still standing, you should definitely go out and give it a visit. Visitors can stroll through the gift shop before leaving, and there are games and coloring sheets available for the kids online.


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