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Army Vet Who Shot Her Dog Dead Live On Camera Found Dead


A 23-year-old army vet who had been accused of shooting and killing her dog has been found dead. Police are refusing to release and details of the scene. They were called to her apartment at 3am on Sunday May 8th.

Friends discovered Marinna Rollins body and it has been reported that she had taken her own life. She had been granted medical retirement from the US Army in January and supposedly suffered from PTSD. During a press conference, Fayetteville Police Lt. Todd Joyce told the media that investigators believe she committed suicide.

The shocking story is creating quite the storm online. Some people are offering their support for those who suffer from PTSD. Others believe that PTSD and the killing of a dog are not, and should not, be related.

Here are all the details that we know about what happened with Marianna and her boyfriend and the horrible events that they posted to Facebook.

1.  Citizens have been shocked by the horrid video that has been circulating the web. Rollins and her boyfriend Jarren Heng reportedly tied their dog to a tree before proceeding to shot him six times.

2. Rollins, who is believed to have suffered from PTSD, had Cam as her emotional support animal, according to authorities. This photo was taken moments before Rollins and Heng shot Cam. 

3. She had reportedly told friends that she was looking for a new home for the dog because taking care of him was becoming too expensive.

4. Rollins had even posted to Facebook, telling friends that she was ‘sad he has to go, but he will be much happier where he is heading off to.’

5. She made it seem like she had found a new home for her now dead pup, one friend even commenting that they were glad they found him a good home.

6. Heng’s comment made things very eerie when he said ‘He’s gonna have such a great new life.’ It’s hard to tell if they really were planning to find him a home initially or if they were discussing their plans.

7. After shooting and killing Cam, Rollins proclaims her love to him saying he was a good dog before covering him with a sheet. This is Cam and Heng moments before the horrible incident. 

8. The couple then buried his body in a shallow grave. They were eventually charged with animal cruelty and conspiracy after a friend posted the video to Facebook in hopes that it would get attention.

9. Cam’s death took place around April 16th when they took Cam to a wooded area and were supposed to appear in court on May 16th.

10. It’s unclear if investigators believe that Marianna Rollins killed herself due to the alleged animal cruelty charges or any other psychological issues related to her service in the army. 

11. Global News visited the Fayetteville dog park to get the opinion of other dog owners, most of whom were shocked and upset.

12. One woman said that it’s important to watch the video to stay informed that these things do happen, and another tearfully expressed how Cam was probably wondering what he did wrong when he didn’t do anything.

13. Another woman didn’t understand why they didn’t take the dog to the shelter. Staff at the Fayetteville animal protection society were also in shock at the actions of Rollins and Feng.

14. ‘There’s absolutely no need for someone to take those kinds of steps to get rid of an animal,’ One staff member said. ‘I can’t fathom why somebody would do that.’

15. This was the same shelter that Rollins got her dog from in the first place back in January 2016. Friends hoped that reporting her actions would lead to further help.

16. Unfortunately it appears that Rollins will never be able to receive that help. Despite her horrid actions, she was clearly going through a lot internally.

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