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Arrow’s Stephen Amell Showed He’s Pretty Much A Superhero In Real Life On American Ninja Warrior

Superheroes get the public excited because everyone inherently wants to have superpowers. We want to know that we are different, we are special, and that we can make a difference. Whether it be superhuman strength, x-ray vision or psychic powers, many people are inundated with hero (and heroine) movies because it is relatable. Not relatable in a sense where we can all spin webs from our wrists, but relatable in a sense where it is this ‘average’ mortal human being that achieves such incredible powers.

One of these superhero shows that has been steadily gaining momentum and popularity is Arrow. The show is about a playboy billionaire (as always) who many believed to be long dead until he returned to his home in Starling city.


During his five years away from his home, he was stranded on a remote island in the Pacific where those experiences changed and matured him. But back at home, he pretends to be the same carefree hedonistic individual while at night he battles crime with his trusty sidekick, Diggle.

The actor who plays this superhero, Stephen Amell recently appeared on an episode of American Ninja Warrior. Read on to find out what this amazing actor did.


In addition to performing most of his own stunts on the show, Stephen has showcased that he is more than a fantastic and athletic actor.

The Mary SueThe Mary Sue

On the American Ninja Warrior’s Red Nose Day episode, he can be seen running across the course and displaying his athletic and strength capabilities. What’s so amazing is that he performs most of these challenges with such grace and fluidity that it looks like any average person could accomplish it.

What’s just as impressive is the bright beaming smile he happily flashes to his hundreds of fans down below. Stephen’s penchant for athletics might stem from his addiction to WWE and his previous stints in wrestling.



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