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This Artist Creates Hilarious Comics About The Most Random Things


We live in a pretty messy world and things aren’t always peaches and creams, and that’s why it’s important that we have things like music and art to keep us pleasantly distracted and entertained. There’s nothing better than reading a comic that actually makes you chuckle.

Vincent Kunert is a 24-year-old artist with ‘a passion for making people laugh.’ When he was in school he really enjoyed being funny and would often doodle during class so he decided to combine the two.

He created LOLNIEN which is a combination of LOL which most of you know means ‘laughing out loud’ and the German word ‘Nien’ which means no. So basically the comic is saying ‘lol no’ and it’s about ridiculous and random things.

Here are 16 LOLNIEN comics that are bound to make you laugh. He puts a silly spin on everyday objects in his hilarious GIFS and comics. Check them out!

1. Everyone can probably relate to this one. Finding a snack that doesn’t taste particularly good but finishing the whole thing anyways.

2. LOLNEIN comics are innocently funny sometimes and are intelligently witty at others. This Earth Day one is on the cute side.

3. Where is the lie? This comic makes it look like drinking coffee is making a deal with the devil. Have you ever experienced an unfortunate spill? I think most of us probably have. 

4. The inanimate object representation of a poor parking job. Seriously though, when power chords are made this big and boxy it’s super inconvenient. Outlet hog!

5. The comics about toilet paper are always witty and hilarious. Vincent chooses the perfect objects to personify. Could you imagine if toilet paper really was self-aware? Yikes.

6. The sad or funny part is that this will most likely actually happen. Even I can barely remember my friends’ birthdays without double checking on social media.

7. Isn’t that just the darndest thing? Seriously though how many beach days have been ruined by the sun taking a day off.

8. This three-panel comic is so simple and yet so clever. Looks like someone is getting a little nervous!

9. There has definitely been a history of humans building walls when they don’t get along. This comic innocently pokes fun at that.

10. It’s almost as if the bugs are lined up and waiting for you to open the window or door. How do all those ants, ladybugs, and spiders get in anyways?

11. Whoa, mirror-ception. Looks like this mirror can’t seem to understand how reflections work. Have you ever stood between two mirrors? It looks like it goes on infinitely.

12. Here’s a bonus panel! I guess this is what happens to the reflection when you put two mirrors right up against each other.

13. Oh no! I wonder if spiders ever get jealous that ants are thought of as cute and spiders are usually feared and then squashed.

14. Bonus Spider comic! Some people aren’t afraid of spiders at all, but for others, those extra legs just don’t cut it.

15. This is probably exactly what would happen if you sat beside a photocopier in school. Looks like someone needs to be sent to the corner.

16. For anyone who played or still plays Mario Kart, you’ll get this right away. Basically, there’s a turtle that picks karts up if they fall off a track. Looks like this little fish wants in on the race.


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