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Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife In Comics

Being married is made up of big and small moments. There are birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and all the other significant events in life, but there are also little things that many of us might not pay attention to. Artist Yehuda Devir perfectly captures those moments when he illustrates everyday life with his wife Maya Devir.

In his illustrations about his wife, artist Yehuda Devir depicts the good times and bad times, the big moments and the small moments, the normal and the crazy. Yehuda and Maya obviously love each other a lot, and even when one does something that annoys the other, it’s clear that these two wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

These heartwarming, funny, and sometimes bittersweet illustrations are a great reminder that relationships are never picture perfect. There are hard times and struggles, but the key is always getting through them together. On the other side of those hard times are the good ones, the fun ones, and the romantic ones.

Artist Yehuda Devir knows he isn’t perfect, and obviously his wife Maya Devir doesn’t think she is either. However, the great thing about being married is that you’re perfect to each other.

There’s a lot of truth in Devir’s illustrations about his wife. Sometimes living with a woman means there’s going to be a lot of hair around the house.

When you first start dating someone, being clean and presentable is the number one priority. Once you’ve been together long enough though, it’s okay to be too tired to be clean.

Yehuda Davir’s work perfectly illustrates everyday life because it shows the things people are willing to do for love; things like getting soaked so one of you can use the umbrella.

Artist Yehuda Devir clearly loves his wife Maya so much that he’s willing to take care of when she is sick (even if she won’t admit it).

When you’ve been with someone long enough, all of those old social obligations suddenly become less meaningful. Who needs to stay up until midnight on New Year’s when you can fall asleep with the person you love?

The private moments you share together when you’re married are the most special ones. What’s more fun than singing at the top of your lungs in the car together?

Anniversaries are important, and as artist Yehuda Devir demonstrates here, remembering them is what matters (well, at least remembering to set the reminder anyway).

One of the things that couples do is promise to get in shape. They’ll even go as far as buying a fancy exercise machine. Then they hang their clothes on it and eat Nutella.

Yehuda’s wife Maya Devir clearly does not like being cold (that’s a pretty impressive scarf wrap). Then again, temperature disparity is a pretty common occurrence among most couples.

When Yehuda Devir illustrates everyday life, he also makes a point to show how much better his wife is at certain things. In this case, it’s building furniture.

Bad habits can make their way into any relationship. What’s important, as Yehuda Devir shows in the illustrations about his wife, is that you confront them with your partner.

Gray hair can be interpreted two ways: either you’re going to look mature, sophisticated, and worldly, or you’re going to look old. As long as your partner likes it though, it’s not so bad.

Yehuda Devir

Artist Yehuda Devir knows how to capture and exaggerate those little habits that his wife has in a way that makes them relatable. Cutting onions is actually the worst.

A loving relationship isn’t always filled with good times. Sometimes couples fight, and it leaves them both feeling bad. Devir shows that even in the hard times, couples still want to feel close.

At the end of the day, Devir’s work illustrates everyday life perfectly because the love between him and wife Maya Devir shines through in every detailed piece of art.


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