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21 Year Old Mother Alexandra Laird, Arrested After Her Newborn Baby’s Blood Work Had Traces Of Opiates And Amphetamines

Alexandra Laird is a 21-year-old mother from Alabama who was arrested for using heroin while pregnant. After giving birth in 2015, doctors found traces of opiates and amphetamines in her newborn baby’s bloodstream and needed to be immediately treated for withdrawal.

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After investigating the case, Laird admitted to Lieutenant Danny Reid that she was using heroin throughout her pregnancy and was charged with a Class B felony. Two months after giving birth, the 21-year-old was charged with drug possession and shortly after, failed to appear in court. According to, Laird went in front of a judge to revoke her bond where she was asked to take another drug test that tested positive. CBS WIAT 42 reporter, Michael Oder, spoke with Alexandra’s sister Samantha who claims to disagree with her sister’s actions but believes that jail time might help in the long run.

‘If she needs to be incarcerated,’ Samantha tells Oder, ‘to help herself than I agree with that. Or if she is in a treatment facility, I agree with that.’

After being taken to jail on September 8th, authorities discovered that Laird was pregnant with her second child. Upon hearing the news, Laird went before Judge David Hobdy to insist that no bond be issued for the 21-year-old, learning that she had been under the influence of drugs during her second pregnancy. ‘This is a sad case, no matter how you look at it,’ says Reid, ‘as the mother’s heroin addiction is more compelling to her than the health and welfare of this unborn child.’

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‘But make no mistake, sad or not, law enforcement will hold this mother accountable and vigorously defend and protect the well being of the child, who is innocent of all of this and simply struggling for life,’ added the concerned lieutenant.


‘I’m doing my damndest to try to prevent any further damage to this child, since it’s obvious the mother doesn’t seem to care,’ confirms Reid.

Laird and her unborn baby will be taken care of in jail where she will be issued to a hospital to deliver the baby upon her scheduled due date. According to CBS WIAT 42, Laird will have a chance to have her bond brought forth, however police officials will be charging her with applicable charges.

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